Cyberspace — Penthouse Pet Kendra Sunderland announces she will be holding her next benefit cam show on October 28 at This month, her goal will be to raise funds for breast cancer awareness.

The world’s most famous cam girl, dubbed the “Library Girl,” raised $3,000 for the Against Malaria Foundation ( last month. Inspired by the positive outreach and support of her fans, she will be selecting a different charity each month for which she will be raising awareness and donations through her extremely popular cam shows. Each charity cam show involves Kendra camming for a full 24hrs straight.

“I’m so thrilled to announce I will be doing these fundraising cam events, one day every month, to raise money for the charity I choose that month!” says Kendra. “I was exhausted the next day, but it was so worth it – I believe you only get what you give, and I’ve decided to give back to worthy causes.”

BroBible covered her 24-hour cam for charity last week; to view, visit

Continues Kendra, “This month, with it being Breast Cancer Awareness month, it seemed like the logical choice. My fans should keep tabs on my Twitter to find out what time the charity 24-hour cam show will start!”