Within the next week male performer Ryan Mclane will be launching his new clothing line Legend By Mclane. Mclane will have clothes featuring Porn Star Legend Brooke Haven and July 2011 Penthouse Pet of the Month Kiara Diane. The clothes featuring Brooke and Kiara will be like nothing that we have seen to date, with Mclane mixing his creative prowess with current trendy styles and fits that coincide with the ever popular vintage look.

“People are always asking me ‘what do your clothes or shirts look like?’ and the best way that I’ve always tried to describe it is by telling them ‘imagine if the shirt you bought at a concert was actually cool looking.’ I’m always trying to find the balance of doing something edgy, but without being too busy.”


Legend By Mclane does not just feature clothing with Porn Stars on it however. There are multiple items featuring Mclane’s artwork brought to life in fashion form. “When I first started putting the line together I had two guidelines that I strictly adhered to. First, don’t just do something extreme, for the sake of doing something extreme. You have to make sure that it works and looks cool. My second and most important rule was fit and feel. Women will wear anything as long as they like the fit and as long as it is soft. It took me forever to start up this company because all of the softest fabrics are also the most expensive. I see people all the time pumping out t-shirts that may have a bad ass design but it’s printed on a shirt that you can get for two dollars downtown. Who wants to wear something that’s not comfortable?”. Mclane also has not taken on investors because he wants it to be done his way and done right and doesn’t want bulk product produced that is low quality. “Every single piece has been taken care of personally by myself!” says Mclane.

The initial line by Legend will be released on his site this week http://legendbymclane.com/ as for what’s still to come…”The second line is already through the design phase and it’s going to be amazing!” says Mclane. The second release will be featuring Porn Star and favorite to win XBIZ’s Best New Starlet Award, Kortney Kane http://kortneykane.com/.

“Kortney Kane leaves me breathless” says Mclane, also adding “while going over the photo’s for the shoot we did for Legend I distinctly remember being in awe with the endless abilities I saw. I can promise her fans that they won’t be disappointed with what Legend By Mclane will be offering in regards to Miss Kane.”

So make sure that everybody visits http://legendbymclane.com/ in the coming week!