Venice, CA – Gen Padova’s horny history is well documented and there is plenty of footage she took of herself playing around before a cock had ever entered the picture (or her). Some of those shots are now making it online for the first time ever, showing the randy rojo in some compromising and sexy positions with her still-untouched.

Of course she has been touched quite a few times since and is quite famous for her marvelous career in porn, which continues today, though in a different way, taking things on personally through her website, She will be making another return to Los Angeles later this month to see friends and take advantage of some media opportunities waiting for her.

On her website she’s sharing not only hot updates, but also some of the latest crazy fan mail.

“I can wake up every morning and read some of the most random, outrageous fan mails from all corners of the globe,” she said. “For example, ‘I’d eat a mile of shit just to know where it came from.’ Where does this stuff come from and why do they feel like they need to send it to me? I have no idea, but it does make for some incredible entertainment.”

She’s also posted extensively about she and her husband’s recent, sudden decision to be first-time home owners and rescuing a Siamese cat. Yes, it’s always back to the pussy with Gen Padova.