Chatsworth, California – Start My Porn Company’s Linda Roberts [] joins a dozen authors, actors, medical and sociological experts sharing tips for better sex, in “Glamour” magazine’s, June 2012 edition.

“The Secret to Great Sex (in 50 Words or Less)” feature, gathers the insights of such notable figures as Dr. Mehmet Oz, “Sex Made Easy” author, Debby Herbenick. Ph.D., Dr. Laura Berman, Ph. D., Michael J. Fox and Roberts, providing “Glamour” readers a plethora of tips to improve their sexual adventures.

While Dr. Oz suggests the holistic approach to a happy sex life, advocating purported aphrodisiacs, and author Herbenick promotes “coital alignment”, Roberts’ advice comes from her years of experience in both real life, and her years in reel life on adult video stages.

Roberts shares, “For a lot of us, the stresses of our lives make even trying to get in the mood for sex with our partners difficult, so anything you can do to make that easier for the both of you is a good thing. One thing mentioned in my interview is that a porn set is probably the least sexy place you will ever be. Because of the long days spent on a porn shoot, you have to find ways to generate chemistry with your fellow performers before you get down to business. The better the other person feels, the better they are going to make you feel. The sex tip I gave “Glamour” focuses on the simplest and most overlooked physical act that anyone can employ to make their partner feel cared for, in any situation.”

“Glamour” writer, Anna Dimond, did intense interviews with a wide variety of sex experts and adult industry insiders, before choosing which would make it to the final story.

“I hated to have to boil one of Linda’s points down to 50 words. She gave me a lot of great and interesting answers to the question of professional secrets to great sex. I actually think there could be an interesting book or longer ‘lessons from the industry’ article here! I’d love to draw on her experience to offer tips that might help the less-experienced woman have great sex, or ready herself and her partner for intimacy, or a greater connection.”

Roberts’ secret to making all sex better is included in “Glamour’s The Secret to Great Sex (in 50 Words or Less)”, available on news stands now.