Bath, England – Premier UK sex toy manufacturer Lovehoney will unveil the world’s most powerful vibrating massager in January at the ANME Founders show. The new Rock Box boasts a 5000-RPM motor, and according to Lovehoney co-founder Richard Longhurst, it is more than a mere massager.

“Rock Box is more than a vibrator or massager, it is an orgasm machine,” he says. “We set out to design a product that is easy to use and handle and also delivers incredibly powerful vibrations. We succeeded and expect Rock Box to be a huge seller. Anyone who has ever tried the Hitachi Magic wand and wants to take their pleasure to the next level will love rocking out with the Rock Box.”

Lovehoney designed the Rock Box to deliver the most powerful vibrations ever experienced, exactly where the user wants to feel them most. Because of the strength delivered by the 5000-RPM motor, the manufacturer encourages users to try it while fully clothed until they get used to the machine’s power.

The Rock Box is supplied with two body-quaking adaptors, the “Hot Chick” for women and “Master Blaster” for men. The Hot Chick adapter is perfectly designed to compliment the natural curves of the female body so it can transmit incredible vibrations deep inside. The Master Blaster adapter stimulates him like no other sex toy available, targeting the pleasure points on the underside of the penis for earth-shattering results.

“In an industry filled with more sex toys than I could ever count on all my fingers and toes, it’s not often that I have had the pleasure of experiencing at toy that truly lives up to its name,” Michelle Marcus, Director of Sales & Promotions for Lovehoney USA. “The Rock Box will do just that and then some! Whether you’re looking for a solo experience or one with your partner, the super intense vibrations you will experience all throughout your body are literally toe curling, resulting in an orgasm that words cannot even begin to describe. Be sure to break our your rain gear with the Rock Box, because everyone involved will be showered with the awesomeness this toy brings to the bedroom.”

To place an order in the United States or Canada visit or email or call (800) 94-HONEY.