Since 2005, relationship writer Mandy Stadtmiller has been writing about her dating trials and triumphs online. During all of these pieces, she would come up with nicknames for the men – Super Preppy or Trouble or The Rugby Player, never revealing their actual identity – but in her new eBook series “Dear TMI-ary” she’s laying it out there, including her boyfriend’s full name and all.

Stadtmiller, who has hosted the acclaimed “News Whore” podcast on the Riotcast network since 2013, is chronicling her relationship ups and downs with comedian Pat Dixon (Comedy Central Half-Hour Special, Investigation Discovery, Best Week Ever), who is also the host of a popular comedy podcast called “New York Crime Report,” which just hit the Top 100 on Stitcher Radio.

“I’ve always joked about being a media whore,” Stadtmiller says, “but I suppose this does take it to the next level by using real names and sharing the most intimate details of my personal life in a weekly relationship series.”

Dixon has also just interviewed Stadtmiller on New York Crime Report. “I encourage performers to risk it all on stage, and she’s definitely doing exactly that,” says Dixon, who hosts the hit weekly variety show “Desperation Tonight” at Carolines on Broadway, recently spotlighted in the New York Daily News.

Just featured in Cosmo and Bustle, the weekly eBook series “Dear TMI-ary” is distributed by Vook, a digital publishing company devoted to empowering authors.

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“I’ve always been fascinated by giving voice to what is supposed to be the unspeakable,” says Stadtmiller. “This is an opportunity to do exactly that, with odds that are extremely high. I’ve only been dating Pat for a few months, but he is the love of my life. Those words have meaning when you chronicle them for all posterity. Could it blow up in my face? Sure. That’s part of what makes it so addictive.”