Mitchel Johnson’s ‘Murder of Fireflies’ Adds Aural Sexuality To EHM Royo Exhibit

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Salt Lake City-based composer/multi-instrumentalist/producer Mitchel Johnson provides two songs as the soundtrack to the exclusive exhibition of artist Luis Royo and his son Romulo, currently featured at the Erotic Heritage Museum. “Safe Words” and “Nocturnal Dysthymia” from Mitchel’s Murder of Fireflies electronica project, provide the perfect sexy soundtrack to the new exhibit set to be in residency at the E.H.M. until August.

The Erotic Museum’s Curator Katarina Bartley says of Johnson’s work, “Dark undertones are carried on an ethereal wave through Mitchel Johnson’s music. He creates a sound that is atmospheric and moody yet sensual. Much like the work of Luis and Romulo Royo, themes of dark sensuality grace the senses as the notes float through the air like a fantasy. Mitchel’s music presents an idea of a soft yet brutal woman who is not afraid to draw blood akin to the warriors shown in the Royos’ art.”

Dr. Victoria Hartmann, EHM’s Director adds; “We couldn’t be more excited to have Mitchel Johnson’s captivating musical style grace the magnificence of the Luis and Romulo Royo exhibit. His meticulous attention to detail in everything he does manifests into a unique and sensual sound that transfixes and transports the listener to another realm. His ‘Murder of Fireflies’ electronica project is a wonderful addition to the magic of the Royo style of artistry and the EHM’s efforts to make music a part of our exhibitions. We are humbled to have him become a part of the hallowed grounds of our Erotic Heritage.”

And Mitchel himself offers: “First, I’d like to thank the Erotic Heritage Museum for putting together a badass exhibit that features one of my favorite all-time artists and for allowing me to be included in it. When I say Luis Roy is one of my favorite artists, it’s not an understatement. As an avid comic, fantasy and sci-fi reader, I’ve been surrounded by his work since I was a teenager. I consider it an honor to play a small part in the tribute to this fantastic artist.”

Both “Nocturnal Dysthymia” and “Safe Word,” currently enjoy over twenty thousand streams each on Spotify.


Mitchel Johnson is a Salf Lake City-based composer/multi-instrumentalist/producer who currently helms two musical projects, Murder of Fireflies and the alt. rock MP Deviation. A student at the Berklee College of Music, 56-year-old Johnson has been playing and writing in bands since his teenage years, influenced by and creating music in a wide range of genres. This is his first collaboration with the EHM.

Find his music here: Murder of Fireflies | Spotify


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