Cyberspace – announces it has signed popular girl/girl and softcore performer Bethanie Skye to an exclusive performer contract. Under her contract, Skye will now perform under the stage name ‘Betty Davis,’ a virgin who is called by The Order to perform a series of secret, humiliating erotic rituals which permit her to enter The Covenant and then initiate other girls.

“Betty is absolutely gorgeous, and she has a strong, dedicated following for her solo and girl/girl work,” says site owner Brooke Hunter. “We are proud to have her under contract – ‘Sister Davis’ is an integral part of my site’s polygamy story-world, and Betty is the perfect embodiment of a true MormonGirlz performer.”

With thousands of followers on her profile alone, Bethanie Skye’s trademark slender frame, pale, clear skin, and long, beautiful red hair has garnered her a sizeable, loyal following, who regularly discuss her softcore and lesbian work on FTVGirls, 88Gals,, and more.

Her contract with MormonGirlz also includes her very first boy-girl scene ever, as she loses her porn virginity at the hands of the “Seed Bearer.” In Mormon communities, the Seed Bearer is the ultimate authority and is free to inseminate any of the girls in his church. But before he can give them his seed, the girls must go through a series of rituals, some of them very painful and humiliating.

Continues Brooke, “We are thrilled to present Sister Davis’ first boy/girl scene – and are so honored that Betty has allowed us to film her losing her porn virginity. We know her fans have been waiting for this scene for a very long time, and promise they will really enjoy the rituals she must undergo before she is ready to give up her cherry.” was launched in July 2014 as a girl/girl content site, featuring beautiful Mormon women in traditional temple garments, also referred to as “magic Mormon underwear.” This year, the site introduced members to the dark secret of Mormonism: that the practice of polygamy is alive and well. Mormons have tried to distance themselves from the scandalous practice, but in many Mormon communities, polygamous activities are secretly conducted in Mormon temples. shows viewers these rituals, and reveals the sex cult of the famously secretive Mormons.

MormonGirlz’ new episodic, storyline-based content allows outsiders to follow the story of individual girls inducted into “The Order,” while peeking inside the secret sex-based rituals of Mormon plural marriage. It appears they may have a hit raw nerve with the secretive Church and its members. But non-Mormons have always been fascinated with the shocking sexual license of Mormon men, ever since Joseph Smith introduced the practice of polygamy in the 1840s