mototLos Angeles – Motorbunny, the motorized, ride-on-top vibrator is making its debut, blending proven technology and premium, durable materials at a price that is more affordable than similar products in the category.

“We’re extremely pleased to announce the official launch of Motorbunny,” said Craig Mewbourne, spokesperson for MB Technologies. “After more than three years of vendor vetting, material testing and prototyping, Motorbunny is a reality. As an alternative to similar products that haven’t changed in design or price in decades, Motorbunny is dedicated to innovating new ways to allow people to explore their sexual potential without breaking the bank.”

As a company, Motorbunny describes its mission and products differently, asking users to “hop on” and playfully labeling the vibration and rotation functions “buzz” and “twirl,” respectively. Functions, it should be added, that go “all the way to eleven.”

“Part of the reason Motorbunny was started was a startling lack of good nature in the industry,” added Mewbourne. “They’re toys, after all. Motorbunny is here to encourage everyone to lighten up a little.”

Innovating at a faster rate than its competitors, Motorbunny is uniquely positioned to bring reliability, comfort and sex appeal to users with its design and ability to take sexual pleasure to another level.

Made of high-quality, comfortable, durable materials, Motorbunny already offers a variety of 100% silicone and TPE attachments of various shapes and sizes to heighten sensation, and plans to regularly roll out experimental designs.

“Motorbunny is simple,” says Mewbourne. “It replaces similar products for hundreds less, and gives you more attachment options and accessories to play with. The company has only started to scratch the surface of what Motorbunny can do for users and the category as a whole.”

Motorbunny currently retails online for $899.

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