Los Angeles, California – Search engine users looking for adult content and classifieds can now breathe easy. TorpedoesAway.com [http://www.torpedoesaway.com] offers those searching for premium adult videos, personals, and classifieds easy access, without being inundated with endless pop-ups, spam, or spyware.

Taking over after the closing of the Craigslist adult classifieds, TorpedoesAway, LLC announces the launch of www.torpedoesaway.com, a free, adult only search engine and online classifieds portal featuring the best adult personals, adult job and talent listings, and everything else adult oriented on the internet. TorpedoesAway.com allows users to post, browse, and respond to any listing free of charge.

Searching for free, high quality adult content is difficult. Surfers are inundated with endless pop-ups, spam, spyware, and countless links, generally resulting in nothing but frustration. TorpedoesAway.com takes all the pain out of this process, making it fast and simple for surfers to find exactly what they are looking for, providing incredibly powerful and precise search capabilities with a one of a kind data-store of more than 100,000 completely free, premium adult videos.

It is as easy to use as Google and its results are infinitely more precise. Simply put, there is nothing better or easier to use for searching free, premium adult video content. In addition, users can sort through the multitude of content by category and listing filters, allowing people to find their desired content in a very short amount of time.

TorpedoesAway.com quietly launched their beta site in June 2011 and since then has continued to gain traction and users. “I thought you could find everything on Google or Yahoo but this is way more precise, and saves so much time with my searches,” says Michael, an early user of the website. “The free adult classifieds are the perfect compliment to the amazing search functionality. I have not found a similar site that covers as many categories, with such a clean and simple to use approach, anywhere else on the Internet.”

Pete Johnson, a representative of the website, says, “Web surfers searching adult content have been made targets for spyware, viruses, spam, and every other form of malicious program. TorpedoesAway.com blocks all this destructive content providing surfers with only the highest quality and safest adult content on the Internet. TorpedoesAway.com makes searching for the hottest, premium, free adult videos safe, fast, and easy.”