The first time I had sex on camera is kind of a funny story. It was shot before I started doing porn for HBOs Cathouse series during the time I worked for the Moonlite Bunnyranch in Carson City, NV. I had been working at the ranch for about a year before I was approached to do the show, by that time I was pretty comfortable having sex with strangers but had never done anything on camera before.

I was a fan of the show for a while before I started working at the ranch so I was EXTREMELY excited, I couldn’t believe I was going to be on one of my favorite shows! Before shooting the actual sex scene we shot a lot of fun, silly things around the ranch like deep throating bananas, blow job shots, knitting circle, making snow angels, dildo fights, and costume, birthday & tea parties etc. Then the producers had asked a real client of mine that I had arranged on online appointment with if he’d like to do a soft core scene with me for the show and he excitedly said yes!

Before we began, we were taken to a room that was set up with a few hidden cameras so it was only me and him in the room. They showed us a button to push when we were ready that would start the cameras which were set on a timer for only 20 minutes. I wasn’t nervous at all, he was extremely nervous! He had never paid for sex or been to a brothel before, let alone shoot a sex scene that will be aired on cable with a legal prostitute! Needless to say he junk wasn’t working AT ALL! I kept trying to keep him hard and relaxed but it wasn’t working and was really wasting A LOT of our camera time, so I stopped trying and we faked it for the last five minutes.

When it had finally aired, the segment began with a couple of the older ladies that have been working at the ranch a long time sitting in a Jacuzzi talking about new girls, then me specifically, about how we’re boring with our clients and don’t have any of the skills they have yadda yadda… Then it cuts to a horrible clip of our scene where he is laying down and I’m slouched over him unenthusiastically stroking his cock asking if he’s hard yet, just to prove their point! I was pretty upset after seeing that and didn’t want to come back for the second part of that season if that’s how I was going to be portrayed.