Bethany BendzCrashPad: The studio that RUINED me off all other companies! J

It was like a dream come true! They emailed me just a few days after I submitted my application, I couldn’t believe they got back too me so fast (or at all J), CP shoots book months in advance! When they asked me if I could shoot the following Saturday I replied, “Is the sky blue?! FUCK YESSSSSSSS!”

And if that wasn’t good enough, I got my 1st pick for a scene partner.

When you apply, they ask you to submit the names of some girls you’d like to work and Kimberly was right there at the top. I’d seen (and cum’ed to) her several places before on the internet.

When I arrived at the studio I was surprisingly at ease. After all its sex – and I’ve had plenty of practice! 😉 Plus Kim and I have spokens on the phone like the other day and discussed everything we wanted to do. So I would actually liken the experience to going a date where you KNEW you were going to get lucky!

The spaces was populated with a sparse, but very warm, inviting production crew and a few cast members relaxing between takes. We all introduced each other and embraced.

Kim arrived soon after and we started doing our promo stills for the website. As much I as I wanted to fuck (and be fucked) by Kim I was actually focused on the promos and finding the right wardrobe (I brought several outfits). Everyone told me to just do what you want, but I wanted to make something so outrageously sexual that would forever galvanize me with the fans as the hottest, fucking bitch of all time!

And then there was the actual sex, in prior roles I tend to get typecast for dominate or top roles – but this time I would be the sub! I would get my pussy packed (we agreed to go bareback!!!) with Kim’s white hot love! She was going to make a woman out of me and I could think of no one else I wanted to do this! And on top of everything else it would be recorded, it would be sold – this experience would become my art and Picasso herself was there to guide me!

The world would (or could) see this – and I loved that! This would be perfection, it would be erotic – it would be the essence of beauty.

We started the scene, with Kim at the foot of the bed and me coming towards her. I approached her deliberately, but coyly, wanting her to draw me into a her spell. Sailing to her my lips found hers and we bridged our passion for one another. Softly, but smugly, she instructed me, “remove my boots”. I took my place at her feet methodically undoing laces of her boots, but always maintaining eye contact with smoldering submission. As each boot was undone I listlessly cast them aside as my hands caressed and massaged her feet. Then I raised her to eye level so I could savor everyone of her toes in mouth.

Then she told to remove her pants and suck her pussy pop! When I suckered her off, I closed my eyes and entered a state of erotic bliss few have ever known – it was as if time and everyone else in the universe ceased to exist. All there was, was Kimberly and I – totally surrender to her! At that moment I found completion as her bitch. There was now a singularity to my existence, a bliss that only comes with clarity of purpose.

Pulling me up towards her we kissed again, embracing as lovers and I was in love her – for the shoot at least. The whole time I was thinking, I can’t FUCKING believe this! I was making out with the hottest transgirl (and therefore hottest girl – period) in the world – and I’m getting paid for it! Ever the voracious kinksters we both quickly escalated to ever more kinkier acts. And it was not long before the penetration began! Kim being the world class professional, had a world class appetite! Not just for a pussy pop, not just for a couple of fingers – NOT even for a fist! For this consummate professional only a FOOT could “fill” her need!!! So up it went – straight up her ass! The hole time I’m thinking, I LOVE this fucking kinky bitch!!!! And she loved it as began to gallop on my foot more and more quickly – eventually reaching the transgasim only two t-girls and produce!!!

We we’re all so spent, that it was decided to end the shoot on that climax!

In short, this was the most perfect experience, with perfect production company and the perfect partner!