My first time on set can be summed up as follows… I am one lucky %&#@$ girl! On my first trip to LA for OC modeling the very first shoot they got me was for Filly Films with none other than my roommate at the OCM model house, Holly Michaels. We were already fast friends and when we found out we would be working together we were thrilled. If you have ever met Holly she exudes crazy charisma and sex appeal from every pore! She is tall and has silky soft brown hair amazing curves and an infectious laugh. She just brings a happy energy where ever she goes! The morning of our shoot we drove to set for Flly Flms movie Mommy and Me 3 together and couldn’t wait to get our hands on each other!! I thought I would have been nervous my first time on camera but she is so good at what she does, I forgot the cameras were even there!! The sex we had on set that day was an amazing culmination days of flirting and sexual tension. All I have to say is the fun went on after the cameras stopped and several times since. Even though I have not had the fortune to work with her on camera again I know she will always have a special place for me as my “first.”