My first time on camera was for FTV Girls. I was booked for a two day shoot to do a solo scene and also a boy girl scene. I had just gotten back from my trip to Miami and my agent immediately scheduled to have me fly out to Phoenix. I was so nervous and excited at the same time. At first I was expecting there to be a big studio, hair and makeup, people all around, lights, camera, action, etc. My experience was the total opposite, but it was still great.

The director picked me up from the airport and let me know we would get started immediately. I turned to him in surprise but covered it up with a smile and a friendly nod. On the outside I looked super excited but inside I thought, ‘okay I guess? Here goes nothing!’

He took me to this HUGE mansion and I freshened up. Then we headed outside to film. The concept was somewhat of “public porn”. The director told me I would be photographed and filmed at different spots in public in hopes of being caught. I became a little nervous. I thought that all my naughty activities would be filmed in a room where no one out in public could see me! This actually became a motivational thrill and opened me up.

It was fun to have all the attention on me and then just happen to flash out in public. People would smirk and act shocked but I would just smile and flaunt my body! Of course when we got down to the sex that would be filmed behind closed doors. My first scene was supposed to be of me masturbating. I have never ever masturbated in front of anyone. For my first solo scene he gave me a vibrator called the Vibrator King 3000. I had never used a dildo or a vibrator! This vibrator was extremely fast, I had never felt anything like it before. I became extremely hot and sweaty, my entire body wanted to shake, it was nuts! As an added bonus my first masturbation scene took place in a huge bathroom where I was surrounded by mirrors. I could see myself in the mirror and see the camera; I just became even more turned on. The vibrating sensation felt so good that I almost squirted. Ha, there is a first time for everything. After that I felt a little tired but couldn’t wait to keep filming.

The next day when it came for my boy/girl scene I was anxious. I was in shock myself that I was about to have sex with a stranger let alone have it being filmed! There were various cameras in the room to get different angles. I was happy about being able to do the scene with just me and the talent. It felt very real and more intimate. I allowed myself to imagine that I was dating a handsome millionaire and was on some sort of mini fantasy vacation. Once we got started it was all over from there, I knew that porn was my new found calling.