I was a college student and stripper in Salt Lake City, UT for seven years before entering the adult film industry. It took seven years but yes I finished and it was worth it!

After I graduated I floated around a few months wondering what to do with this B.S. in Mass Communication in an economy where there were more college grads than jobs. I considered law school as my father is an attorney and even took an entire LSAT prep course before deciding it was horribly boring and that an office job was just NOT for me. After a background in stage performance (ballet jazz tap hip hop you name it) my entire child/teen-hood I decided and stripping for seven years after that I decided to pursue my passion of entertainment and sex and take the plunge into the adult film industry that had been a dormant, repressed desire of mine for quite some time.

Once I made the decision it was as simple as Googling “porn agencies,” hiring a local photographer to take some nice photos and sending them in along with my online applications to the agencies of my choice. The first agency I chose had me flying out to LA, getting photos taken for their site and getting to work.

Now I haven’t talked much about my very first shoot since it was once of those “reality amateur” sites and they specifically asked for anonymity and I wanted to respect their wishes. Due to this I will not mention specific company names.

I was booked for a BJ with a “possible” boy/girl for which I would be paid my full rate. It was a party scene on a party bus complete with male strippers. All I remember telling the director is “I’m getting that boy/girl.” I was an ambitious, horny little girl eager to dive into her career as an adult performer. Go big or go home they say. Sure enough, I did get the boy/girl! It was with Justin Magnum and he was very sweet and accommodating asking if I was ok the entire time. I just kept replying, “Yes I’m ok, just keep fucking me!”

Overall it was an exciting night and I got what I wanted: A big dick, a good fuck, and a paycheck. What more can a girl ask for?