I actually was “on camera” more than a few times before I had SEX on camera.

For the few out there that may not know the story of how I got in the industry, I’ll condense it for you. I was stripping in Texas and in college at the same time. Psych major. No, I didn’t finish. Yes, I still use what I learned anyway. I was working at a club that booked features and I was interested in traveling around, doing themed shows, maybe some magazines. After calling an agency that booked features, I was introduced to a group of people who were visiting Texas from LA. I didn’t realize who they were at the time; I just thought they were a really great group of cool, open-minded people who got naked for a living. Turns out, it was Michael Raven and his entourage. I was encouraged to come out to LA for a visit, and I took them up on it. Once I was here, I’d hang out, strip at a local club…but I didn’t decide to do movies until much later. After months of solo magazine shoots, Playboy TV, some nude work on Cinemax, HBO, and Showtime, Michael was casting for a movie. I think I surprised everyone when I agreed to do it. It wasn’t my first offer by any means, but it was the one that just felt right.

The movie was called Modern Love. We were shooting in Malibu, in a beautiful mansion on the beach. I was doing a boy/girl scene before doing girl/girl, though I did have sex with a girl in the same movie. I had been on a few sets before, mostly helping out. Once they made me the “condom and lube girl” on a Jill Kelly movie. I think I hyperventilated ALL day, trying not to stare. This was different, though. Most all of the focus was on me.

The thing that I will always remember is how concerned everyone was. Looking back, I was never really nervous. I thought long and hard (no pun intended) before I decided to do porn. The people that brought me in made it clear that once I did it, there was no taking it back. When I made the choice, I swore I would always do it to the best of my ability and only for as long as it made me happy. I was ready.

Alec Metro was the chosen guy. I had hung around him before; he was funny and nice and knew how to put me at ease. We had some great sex on a bed (how lucky!) in the bedroom downstairs with the doors to the beach wide open. I could hear the waves crashing from time to time. Once I heard “Action!” I just went for it. Looking back, I’m sure it was a bit clumsy or awkward, but I guess that’s what real sex is. We never really stopped for breaks, just kept on going with it. It was fun. I forgot the camera after a while. When we were done, everyone asked me if I was sure I had never done it before. I said, “Have SEX? Well, yeah, of course!” They laughed at me/with me. I was pronounced a natural. (Looking back, I’m guessing that’s what they told EVERYONE, but it sure worked for me)

The next day, I got to have sex with Alexa Rae, who I was really into at the time. I saw a production still from that scene where we’re in a sixty-nine and my face is buried in her so deep that I didn’t notice the director and the cameraman sitting on the bed, looking at their watches. What can I say? I got a little carried away. I still do. I love my job.