My actual first time on camera was rather uneventful. I was with my boyfriend and now husband and he had me take off my shirt at the beach and we snapped a few photos. I was a bit terrified and at age 33 didn’t think I would be making a career choice with this simple action of disrobing, I thought we were just “practicing” for when we had a REAL model. Come to find out, I became the real model and started my own amateur website. We updated daily so my fears turned into a driving passion to take thousands of photos and hundreds of videos to amass a large portfolio in order to make a decent living on the Internet. Holy cow, it worked.

My site took off and we started making money, good money. We networked with others in the business and traded content and shot girl/girl scenes together and it just organically grew into doing BJ scenes and eventually full sex on camera and even showing my husband’s face. Back then it was a big deal. Seems silly now looking back but like I said, we were gradually getting in the business and we were only working for ourselves. So for me, my first time with everything was so gradual and easy and I never did anything until I was ready. I was in my mid-thirties and had my share of sexual encounters before entering the world of porn so I was no spring chicken.

What I was a beginner at were threesomes. My husband and I discussed it for months, if not years, of eventually doing a threesome site. We decided to test it out and more importantly, test out each other by doing a threesome scene for Now I finally felt like a virgin schoolgirl. I thought “How am I going to feel during the scene itself?” “Would I be preoccupied with my own insecurities, would I find it weird to be in bed with my husband and another woman, would I get jealous even though I’m not the jealous type?”, I mean a million things ran through my mind.

I finally decided that I was ready and it was the eventual progression of our business and our sexuality together as a couple. We found a young woman who was eager to get into porn and didn’t have an agent and who was basically coming to us for work from a friend she had met at Starbucks. She was cute and had a great ass and was ready and willing to do a scene with us. We got a hotel room and my husband shot it mostly POV and we had created our first threesome on camera and we called it “Teen booty.” After that first scene we encouraged her to work with us behind the scenes and she eventually became our camera girl and video editor.

The doors had opened for me; I was able to fulfill all my sexual desires that I have for women but in the safety of my husband’s arms. I could share in his pleasure without a doubt in my mind of how he felt about me. My insecurities disappeared and our threesome site began and is still going strong today and has blossomed into a 3rd site, where the girls are from 18 to 21. In fact, my husband has really taken the reigns and is in every single scene whether I am shooting or not. I find it incredibly sexy to be working at home on the computer knowing he is having sex with a gorgeous woman on set only to come home to a delicious dinner that I’ve prepared and if he wants dessert, well he knows where to find it.