Getting naked and having sex on camera. Most girls couldn’t imagine doing that but for me it was no big deal. My journey into porn was pretty typical I suppose. I auditioned for glamor magazines like FHM and Playboy when I was 18, but never got picked for a cover girl or magazine spread. It would have been nice but as they say, things happen for a reason.

I worked several jobs such as being a Hooters Girl, shot girl at nightclubs, club promoter, go-go dancer and then came stripping, which I did for two years before I stepped on my first porn set. I got into the industry by a friend referring me to an agency called LA Direct Models. I thought long and hard about it because it was gonna be a major life change for me. I knew I would be great because getting naked and having sex in front of people was no issue for me. When I was in high school I would go to parties and fuck either my boyfriend or a random guy I liked right in front of EVERYONE!!! I didn’t care who was watching or where we were. People were shocked and gossip spread like wildfire. Yeah, I did get a bunch of shit about it from people but I couldn’t have cared less. So I sent in some nude photos and before I knew it I was on set for my first porn scene.

My first scene was with Net Video Girls and it was actually two scenes combined as one. It was a girl/girl with Kimmy Olsen and a blow job with Donnie Cabbo. I’m not gonna lie, I was a bit nervous because I’ve only been intimate with three girls my whole life, so I was scared I was gonna mess up, but Kimmy was a sweetheart so it made me feel better and they turned out great! It was a lot of fun. So four months later I absolutely love the adult industry and I have no regrets whatsoever.