My first scene will always be a memory that will never be forgotten. It was the start to my whole journey in the adult industry. I did my first scene for and I don’t know the exact date but I think it was somewhere around 2002. is a reality porn type of website. The plot was like this, the owner of the site puts out an ad in the paper for girls who want to do some “modeling”. I answer the ad and go over to his place for a audition. He then smooth talked me into taking off my clothes and then we ended up having sex. When I think back about this scene I’m shocked because I remember being very comfortable about the whole thing. I guess that says a lot about the guy/owner. He had a way of just making me feel good about him and this new adventure I was about to jump into.

This scene really set the tone for my feeling about “porn sex”. Because the sex was awesome! It was the way he fucked me. Porn guys just have some special moves that not all guys have. And I learned that , that day! There’s this thrusting move that porn guys do when the girl is on top. I never experienced an orgasm like the one I had with that incredible move. How could I not want more! I’m forever grateful that this scene is my first experience in the adult industry. Usually some peoples first scene’s are for a big production but this was just the guy and I. Because of that I think it made things smoother, no pressure was felt by a couple camera men , bright lights, a boom guy and that whole production staff that is usually involved. If it was like that I may have been a little nervous. Most importantly, without this scene in my life I would have never gotten the hundreds of porno film orgasms that I have acquired in my life time! Cheers, to my first scene!