My first time on camera. It happened out of no where. My agent called me while I was at lunch with my grandma and told me she was pretty sure she had a scene for me Friday. Sure enough, it happened. November 2012, a month before a turned 19 (luckily) and it was for Team Skeet on

I shot it in Florida. It wasn’t a classroom scene but after school. I was never too much into watching vanilla porn so I wasn’t expecting to look so young. I was thinking generic pornstar look but it was the complete opposite. Everyone was super nice. The set staff wasn’t so big; director, PA, makeup artist, male talent, and another model who was my virgin BFF (ha). She was with my agent also and I’ve met her once before so that made things a little easier. I got my makeup done, was put in a school girl outfit, and we took the pictures. Luckily this was an amateur site because I definitely didn’t look like I knew what I was doing.

I met my male talent (who ironically shot my second scene with me) Juan Largo, and he was really sweet. He told me it was his 2nd scene which made things easier. My acting was terrible but the sex was awesome. All of my reactions to that were 100% real. Except the sad attempt at dirty talking but I think I’ve gotten better at that over time. So I was teaching my BFF how to have sex while she masturbated to watching us; if you met us in person our personalities would have switched our roles.

After the scene the director told me I did well and not to feel to worried about it because it will become more natural over time; boy was he right. I also told him I thought Juan did very well for his 2nd scene; he laughed and said “yeah, more like his second thousand”. Awkward. I’ll never forget it though, I feel like I’ve come a long way since then and I would never change my first time for anything.