I started feature dancing when I was on a student visa in Melbourne Australia. I’m originally from Detroit Michigan but had pursuing a business degree at a university down under. The course I enrolled in was two years long and naturally I needed the money to stay in school. There was this club called Showgirls. It was fully nude and they served drinks so you can imagine how crazy things got but it was always fun. The club encouraged us to really get into our act which was great because I was still learning how to strip. It was like being paid to learn how to feature dance! I had so much fun there.

I was also modeling at the time and doing private entertaining. I guess you can say that I’m naturally very comfortable with being nude and having sex with strangers. I knew I wanted to stay in the sex industry somehow but I wasn’t sure yet what I was going to do. After I finished school and my student visa ran out I started putting out the word to the girls I worked with that I was interested in taking things to the next level. I had met a girl at the club I was dancing at who told me about an agency called LA Direct Models out in Los Angeles who booked her for porn gigs. I was for sure interested! I had always watched porn and it was something I wanted to do. I emailed my pictures to them and from there it was easy! They told me to get a flight to LA and stay in the model house and they would put me to work!

Before long things were starting to take shape and my career in porn had officially begun. Within a week I got booked for my first scene it was for Naughty America with Evan Stone and Sativa Rose. I played a sexy maid and it was so fun! I was a bit nervous but everyone was so nice and it just came naturally. Evan is a great performer and a great lay. I’m glad my first time on camera was with such a professional. Together with Sativa they walked me through it and before I knew it I had totally forgotten that the camera was even there! One minute we were all hot and heavy and the next thing I knew it was over. I had done my first scene and I wasn’t even ready for it to end. I was hooked! I remember thinking to myself, why didn’t I do this sooner? From there I was getting a lot of bookings so I stopped dancing in Vegas and moved to LA, I still love my job and I can’t wait to make more and better movies!