My first time doing a set wasn’t as hard as I thought, it would be it was a solo for shemaleyum. At the time I can remember I was so nervous I was shaking. I arrived to the location it wasn’t what I thought it would be it was just a normal house you would never that porn was being shot there unless someone told you. I walked in and went straight to the bathroom to get ready. Arriving on set I was in a blue denim skirt and a purple and yellow bathing suit top. I looked in the mirror and was so nervous I washed my face and did my makeup over. The photographer was really laid back but was very aggressive with his words towards me. Mind you this was my first time shooting porn so I had no idea how to take him and it certainly didn’t help with my nerves. I walked in the room and there was couch he then directed me to bend over (straight to the photos). It was a solo so I pretty much just took a few photos and played with myself. I was offered a hardcore at the same time for another company. I’m happy I did the solo first because it was a good way to start and feel comfortable. It’s crazy when you watch porn you don’t think of all the technical things that go on behind the camera and a simple solo showed me how hard we both worked to get the right poses, lighting, and the perfect shot. Obviously it wasn’t too bad as three years later I am still working in the Adult Industry!