My middle name was rebellious about a year ago when I was still a fitness model. I was in California modeling for a mainstream lifestyle company when I decided I wanted to do more. Being 18 years I didn’t know how to approach the adult industry. Fortunately, I was told to go to Direct Models. On one of my days off I took a cab to the agency’s office. Derek Hay of Direct Models was excited to take me on board. That’s where it all started.

Shortly after signing with Direct Models I changed my flight to stay longer. I was booked almost instantly. I wasn’t worried about anybody finding out what I was about to do because they thought I only did mainstream stuff. Not to mention, I was always so innocent looking. I remember thinking nobody will know because I didn’t tell anybody what I was even considering doing. Besides, who looks at porn anyways? Oh boy was I wrong! It got out very fast.

My first time on camera was for a company in which likes to shoot only all natural girls with no tattoos. They sent a driver to pick me up to fly to Arizona for the day to shoot a solo scene and had asked me to look like the girl next door. The shoot started with an interview and then I was asked to get naked. I wasn’t hesitant at all but I think you can tell I was nervous. The interview continued…I continued to smile and enjoy myself as I was asked questions.

I was feeling really rebellious, excited, and a little nervous all at the same time. Then we went to a park where I was going to do some topless running…which led to naked running. Since I was a fitness model I had said “I feel like I am doing Nike Naked.” I was just enjoying being in front of the camera, the more naked I got, the bigger my smile was. The shoot was lead off of my personality. I talked about what it would be like being naked at a gym; he asked if I would do it, I said “Yeah! Let’s go!” Flashing at a busy gym gave me quite the adrenaline rush, I was loving it. After the gym and a mini solo session in the locker room I had filmed myself we went back to the house to masturbate. As I tried to get comfortable masturbating in front of somebody for the camera I began to feel this feeling inside about being a fantasy to somebody else. The thought of that turned me on so much. Although I held back some moans I still was able to cum a few times. The shoot finished with some naked dancing. I got on the plane back to LA and had decided my new career would be within the adult industry. It’s been about a year since then, I feel like I have grown up a lot. I really enjoy what I do and I look forward to the future of Teal Conrad.