I had panned to do my first porn shoot ever with a Grooby company because they primarily focused on new girls. So I thought it would be my easiest way into the industry and for exposure. I set up a time and location to shoot with a Grooby Photographer. Now they really wanted to shoot me as soon as possible for the reason that 2 weeks later I was going in for surgery and getting my first set of breast implants. They wanted me to shoot before and after so they had a very limited time to get the before part of the shoot (which to this day is still the only set I have ever done naturally) so the day comes and I am very nervous and very unprepared.

Now you must understand that I had recently lost a very good job and originally had no plans to do porn. I was young, and naive so I was unaware that I would need to bring multiple sets of clothing or that for this specific site I would need to do my own make up. The whole thing was a disaster and I swore it would never happen to me again. So I walk in and meet the photographer in the hotel lobby and he brings me up to the room. He is all set up and ready to go and asks what I was wearing for the shoot. I told him “what I have on” which consisted of tight shorts and a cute top. He was not pleased. “You can’t shoot in that!” was his reply. I don’t have a lot of time. “Go get some new clothes to shoot in and be back here in an hour”. So I felt bad and left as soon as i could for an outfit.

Luckily I was downtown Boston otherwise I would have been in trouble. I was near a ton of shops so I started my search. The first few shops were a disappointment. I could not for the life of me find anything sexy/cute enough for the shoot that matched the description he had. Finally I went into a store and they had a ton of mini dresses and hot skirts to choose from. I didn’t have much time at this point so I grabbed some sexy things and tried them on quickly. The first dress was cute but it was a bit small on me but I still decided I would perform in that since time was running out and it fit well enough. The second fit well but was so tight you could see my bulge through the dress. I figured that’s what the viewers would want to see anyways so i bught that one too.

So back to the hotel I went with my new dress’s. I went up the elevator, knocked on his door and he opened it with a smile. ” That’s much better” he said to my relief . So I quickly hopped in the first dress and was ready for action when i forgot my make up. He was already cramped for time so I rushed my make up a bit. It was not at all flattering. I forgot to do my nails very well and bring fake eye lashes so I was in a spot. Still I went through with the shoot and despite all the problems people loved the shoot. The experience was not a very pleasant one but it was all due to my being unprepared. It is important for girls to have outfits and a back up plan if there is no make up artist present.

Well that was my first time on set. It was not glorious, but it paved the way for some very hot, and sexy porn shoots. I will continue to make porn for as long as I can and as long as my fans want more of me. Thank you for reading about my first shoot! Time for me to go make more porn.