My first shoot was in 2006. I remember when I got the call I was very nervous but very excited. I didn’t really have but a day or two to prepare for the shoot. I got the call and was booked to shoot like two days later. I packed a few items of lingerie in a bag and my makeup, and went to shoot after I got off of work. My first shoot was at the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas. The Wynn had just opened and it was just absolutely beautiful. The suite was amazing. I couldn’t believe how awesome that suite was. I felt very anxious and had no idea what I was doing. I was so nervous, but excited all at the same time. I remember a big bright red sofa in the middle of the living room of the suite. I remember sliding on that red and black mini dress, and feeling the material of the sofa on my skin. It was the most luxurious material I had ever felt. And then it was time to start taking pictures. I had no clue on modeling. The only thing I knew about modeling is what I saw in magazines and what Victoria Beckham, the no smiles with pout lips. Now every TS in the world does those pout lips lol. Anyway, in my head I felt like was so awesome, every pose was perfect, and every facial expression was perfect. But now when I look back at those photos, I just laugh and say “oh what a mess”. I think we all think we are the hot business when we first start out, but then when we go back and look at those photos from 7 years ago you realize you were really just a hot mess, haha. I did feel like a superstar, in front of the camera, the lights flashing, it felt good, it felt amazing. I felt like I was somebody. I felt like I was a supermodel. I felt awkward though having to take off my clothes and get hard for the camera. I had never done anything like that before, I felt vulnerable, but in a way it also turned me on. And then we began to shoot the video scene. I had to get dressed back in the same outfit, and start stripping in video, until I was naked. Touching myself, pleasuring myself. I really started to get into, and liked it. I was so turned on knowing that other people were going to watch me and get off to me getting off. And now I have turned that one time experience into a 7 year career that is still growing and continuing. To this day I still get nervous and anxious at shoots. I love what I do, and have no regrets. I still get a thrill out of knowing that people watch me get off. So guys, you keep watching, and I’ll keep getting off!