One of my friends tells me my life is like the TV show Weeds. Outwardly I appear to be this average woman; I work a respectable corporate job by day but when I’m not at work, I live this double life as a porn star. I’m not your typical porn performer, particularly in the transsexual niche. I’m not young and struggling for options in life; I’m established and thriving. It seems counter intuitive, but given who I am, these two facets of who I am work well together.

It was an accident that I fell into Adult Entertainment. I’m an exhibitionist and I’ve always been very sexual. An afternoon of being bored and horny led to me performing on webcam on iFriends where I was instantly a hit. To promote my webcam I’d shoot cute little themed sets: some were confessionals where I shared things which got me excited, others focused on things I loved like comic. I liked doing it because it combined my love for sexual expression with my creative side. Fans seemed to dig them too since they’ve sold very well for me.

After a few months I decided I was ready to take the next step and shoot for another company. I didn’t realize at the time that I could have a career without the support of any of the major companies. I placed a lot of stress on myself thinking this first scene needed to be the hottest scene ever for me to expand beyond webcam.

In hindsight, probably not the best thing I’ve ever done. In the time since then, I’ve realized the key to a great shoot is to be completely relaxed. It should have been obvious to me: a key element of why folks find me attractive is my confidence. Neuroticism does not hotness make.

The producer I was working with contacted me to set up the shoot. He kept changing the schedule due to some equipment issues he had and it got me a little nervous. I was anxious to get the set shot. Finally, he set up a date about a month away. I resigned myself that I need to wait a bit for my debut.

That Saturday I headed into the city. I met up with some friends, ate a lot of food and had a good time. On my way home, I got a call from the producer, he had a cancellation and wanted to shoot me the next day.

When he showed up the next afternoon I was nervous. My heart was pounding. I really wanted these sets to go off well. You know the adage, “the best laid plans of mice and men”? Things did not go according to plan. Shooting for myself was a much different experience than having someone else behind the camera. It adds a level of stress when you’re working on someone else’s timetable. I hadn’t anticipated that, so it threw me off a little.

I’ve worked in live theater in the past, and my experiences there taught me the importance of being able to adapt a performance quickly. I tapped into that and didn’t let my frustration show to the camera. While the scene may not have been what I envisioned in my head, I did manage to create something which fans found hot. (Side note to new models: when shooting two sets in a day, NEVER do your first set with cake batter. Otherwise you’ll need to budget time to shower in between.)

That first shoot awakened something in me. As rough as it may have been, I knew I loved what I was doing. I was certain that porn was a right path for me as it let me combine my natural sexuality with my creativity. I love being both physically and intellectually excited. Doing that first set made me realize just how much porn could hit those notes for me.

It’s been a successful two years since that first shoot. I’ve a thriving solo website at; I’ve won Industry awards including the RISE Shemale Performer of the Year and 2 Tranny Awards; I’ve received award nominations from every major Industry awards show. I’m in a place where I can pick and choose who I work with. I’ve been blessed by fan support. They’re what let me do what I want in this career. I still feel exactly like I did after that first shoot. I love where I am and
what I’m doing.