I am about to age myself but this dates back to the days of AOL being the place to chat and meet. I was living in Cincinnati, Ohio and working in drag clubs 3-4 times a week. My life at this point was care free and not really understanding how to make the leap into living full-time as a transsexual woman. Though I had seen a therapist and was on hormones I really couldn’t afford to transition as fast as I wanted too. I end up meeting a guy named Jeff who lived in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and quickly fell in “love” with a screen name. During this time I had a small information web site up on the internet with some drag pictures and some information about me, etc. A local cross-dresser approached me at a club and asked how I felt about turning my website into a pay site. One thing led to another and we slowly put up some sexy pictures (Note: no nudity as I was embarrassed of my body). This was the late 90s and she-male aka transsexual porn was very much so taboo and the only place to find it online was free pictures on newsgroups and a few pay sites. There were a few Independent TS’s who had solo sites but I knew nothing of porn and honestly really wasn’t looking to get into it. I was amazed at how many guys were signing up to see me but at this point I was NOT ready to show off my body as I was living part time. So after a bit we decided to stop the site and move on. I still was talking to Jeff and we planned a trip for me to fly to Ft. Lauderdale and meet. I really couldn’t afford it and he suggested I contact Foxy Angel who had her own website and maybe she would want to shoot me. She ended up declining but referred me to ShemaleYum. I emailed them and was approved for a shoot.

Once I make it to Ft. Lauderdale I set up for the photographer to come over to my hotel and shoot me. Then video had not taken off for websites so he booked me 3 photo sets for 500.00, I thought that was A LOT of money and though I really needed the money I still didn’t know what to do when it came time to get naked. The photographer shows up and sets up and asks to see what I was going to wear. I pull out my clothes and begin to get dressed. As I was sitting on the bed posing I knew I would have to get naked and I dreaded it so much. He then says “go ahead and take your top off”. I acted like I didn’t hear him and kept posing. Eventually he stops and says to me that he had enough clothed photos and he could tell I was nervous but in order to finish and move along I needed to get naked and erect. So quite a few hours later he finally gets the three photo sets from me and packs up and leaves. I sat on the bed looking at the money and thinking about what I just had done.

I guess at the time I was more insecure because I wasn’t happy with the body I had. I had always been a shy “boy” and strangely once I started getting naked it was different because I was doing it as a “girl” even though I had no breast and my body was very much so still the same as before. Looking back now I wished I would have waited until I at least had my breast done but honestly that shoot gave me a fire to want to pursue my transition faster not only for my new love but also because of the rush it gave me when doing so. I moved to Florida to be with Jeff and with his help I began to transition faster. Being in Florida gave me the business connections to pursue my own solo site. It also helped me with those connections and networking which has led to a great career.

Fast forward to 2013 and I have won AVN and XBIZ TS Performer of the Year along with an Urban X and Tranny Award. I have gone on to brand “Wendy Williams” with a Doc Johnson toy line, doing publicity for fellow TS starlets, and producing my own DVD’s via Hot Wendy Productions. So to be in this business 10 years later is crazy as I look back at that scared and shy person not wanting to show her bare chest.