MyGirlCrush Founder Ainslee Says ‘Throw Away the Rule Book’ on Post-Pandemic Fashion

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(Scottsdale, AZ) — Ainslee, the fun-loving owner of women’s casual apparel brand MyGirlCrush (, says that while the COVID pandemic may be over, comfortable fashion trends aren’t going away anytime soon.

“Whether you’re into dressing up, dressing down, adding accessories or playing with color, there are several fashion trends that came out of lockdowns that have stayed strong – streetwear, athleisure and anything where comfort is king is at the top of people’s post-pandemic style,” she says, noting that wearing ‘certain’ colors for spring/summer and fall/winter are currently out the window.

“Yellow and baby blue are perfect spring colors and plum and chocolate brown rule the winter months, but no one is paying attention to the rules anymore. MyGirlCrush is selling bright colors all year long.

Footwear is also following suit: “high heels, sneakers, flats and flip-flops used to have their place with certain outfits, but no longer. Now we’re all wearing what makes us look and feel good, and we aren’t being dictated by the ‘fashion police’.”

Bright hues, shorter skirts and breathable, stretchy dresses that flatter figures and go from day to night with little effort will continue to be as popular in August as it is in December for warmer climates, and resort wear will continue in popularity no matter what the calendar says.   “Relaxed fit, sexy silhouettes and flirty feminine trends will reign for the foreseeable future, and these pieces aren’t going to go out of style…  very simply, because no one wants them to. Why would you? Getting dressed for YOU is the new dressing UP!”

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