(Medford, NJ) – Nature Lovin’ Lubricants (www.naturelovinlubricants.com) has recently signed a deal with the premier distributor Honey’s Place. This deal signifies that Honey’s Place will now carry the complete Nature Lovin’ Lubricants line including the newly completed full-line of Grizzly Bear Men’s lubricants and new Koala flavors. They will also carry the just released LGBT line PRIDE lubricants for a cause. “We’re excited to add the Nature Lovin’ Lubricants line to our inventory,” states Honey’s Place Purchasing Manager, Lou Anginone. “These guys know how to make lube right. It’s created with natural ingredients, has a high-quality feel and is packaged in an eye-catching retro honey bottles.”

To view and buy Nature Lovin’ Lubricants visit: http://www.naturelovinlubricants.com/nature-lovin-lubricant-products#!__nature-lovin-lubricant-products

For downloadable product images visit: http://www.honeylovinlubricantsllc.com/productimages.html

Honey’s Place carries more than 15,000 items from more than 120 different manufacturers, making them one of the leading distributors for lotions, vibrators, lingerie, lubes and novelties. Nature Lovin’ Lubricants will offer its complete line to this elite list of manufacturers because they believe Honey’s Place has the right foundation to flourish in the adult industry.

“We are very excited about our new distribution agreement with Honey’s Place, it truly is a great match,” exclaims Lou Rivers, Nature Lovin’ Lubricants’ CEO. “Honey’s Place was built by a family that takes great pride in running a high quality distribution center with true integrity. It has been a great experience working with the Honey’s Place team right from the very begging.”

Anginone adds, “They have a nice collection of different lubricants, specifically the Koala line is going to fly off shelves because of the unique flavors they chose for this edible line.”