(Medford, NJ) – Nature Lovin’ Lubricants (www.naturelovinlubricants.com) and Emily Morse have teamed up to bring the awareness of better sex to the general public. Morse is the host of ‘Sex With Emily’ (one of iTune’s top downloaded podcasts), the star of Bravo TV’s ‘Miss Advised’, and a sex therapist. Nature Lovin’ Lubricants is a young brand doing big things as it has recently been nominatied AVN’s “Outstanding Lube”. This collaboration marks Nature Lovin’ Lubricants as the official lube of the “Sex With Emily” show. “I’ve always been a big proponent of using a lubricant to enhance people’s sex lives, and I admire the work Nature Lovin Lubricants is doing,” states Morse. “Not only are they parapen and glycerine free, but they support important causes. I absolutely love their new Pride product with 5% proceeds benefiting the LGBT community.”

“We are very excited to be teaming up with Emily and her radio show Sex With Emily,” says Lou Rivers, CEO of Nature Lovin’ Lubricants. “Emily is a breath of fresh air and puts a whole new spin on being a ‘sexpert’. She is a strong believer in using lubricants to enhance the sexual experience, so we feel there is no better place for the Nature Lovin’ Lubricant product line to be. It’s a match made in heaven.”

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Morse and Lou Rivers, CEO of Nature Lovin’ Lubricants, met at the 2012 International Lingerie Show in Las Vegas earlier this year. The two found it beneficial to support each other in adult and mainstream outlets because they share positive messages about safe sex. “Safe, fun sex is extremely important,” says Morse. “Nature Lovin’ Lubricants uses natural and premium ingredients that help prevent the spread of HPV.”