Tucson, AZ – DMCA Force, a newly formed anti-piracy service, has commenced operations and is proud to offer an assortment of highly creative and customized solutions for any copyright holder impacted by piracy.

For many industries, the increase in content theft and subsequent loss of billions of dollars in revenue has resulted in the need for robust anti-piracy solutions. Not surprisingly, this market need was the impetus behind the creation of DMCA Force.

“Our goal is to understand the needs of each individual client, focus on their specific priorities, and customize an approach that is right for them,” said DMCA Force President Allison Vivas.

DMCA Force will work in tandem with any organization, empowering them with workable strategies and customized technological solutions to assist them in their fight against piracy. DMCA Force’s standard services include DMCA takedown notification, infringement and take-down monitoring, anti-piracy search engine optimization techniques, digital identification through the creation of digital fingerprinting and general consulting.

DMCA Force was created by individuals who have extensive experience in developing creative anti-piracy strategies. DMCA Force was conceptualized through the technical, legal, and creative minds of tech savvy adult entertainment studio, Pink Visual.

“As copyright holders in an industry that was late to address anti-piracy solutions, we understand all too well the impact piracy has on individual copyright holders, the market, and consumer behavior,” Vivas said. “With that in mind, our goal is to create highly tailored, cost effective solutions for our clients. Vivas added, “More importantly, we believe the path to greater success lies in having all copyright holders become more proactive in the fight against piracy, because strength in numbers can certainly influence overall market conditions and consumer behaviors.”

In addition to their Standard Services, DMCA Force will offer more advanced services such as trademark monitoring, copyright and trademark registration services, litigation target evaluation and litigation evidence packaging.

“Although we will not be providing legal advice to our clients, we can definitely bridge the gap between business owners and attorneys by pointing our clients in the right direction for answers and creating cost effective anti-piracy options without charging high fees,” Vivas said.

For an introductory period, DMCA Force will offer potential clients a free consultation and implement test solutions appropriate to their particular business situation. DMCA Force also encourages copyright holders of any size to contact them regarding questions or to receive more detailed information on services or solutions.

For more information about DMCA Force and its services, please visit www.dmcaforce.com