New York – Laura Meets Jeffrey: Both Sides Of An Erotic Memoir is the new, hot read for book clubs. Co-authored by Jeffrey Michelson and Laura Bradley, Laura Meets Jeffrey is a BDSM erotic cyclone/love story told in brilliant and explicit detail. Laura’s memories provide tantalizing counterpoint to Jeffrey’s first person account. Together they paint an unprecedented non-fiction picture of the master/slave relationship.

Book clubs around the country, online and in person, are snatching up Laura Meets Jeffrey.

The largest online book fan site,, recording nearly 4 million unique visits per month, is featuring Laura Meets Jeffrey as its September choice through its “Erotic Enchants” club.

Erotic Enchants’ moderator and famed erotic book blogger, Bookie Nookie, gushes in her 4-star review: “I was immediately sucked into the lives of this free-loving couple. How they escaped death is still a mystery to me… If you are looking for true accounts of erotic pleasure told in detail, then you really must read Laura Meets Jeffrey. It will make you blush. It might make you uncomfortable. It will definitely shock you. My best description of the book: A smorgasbord of indulgent sexual proclivities!”

Karen Quinton, co-leader of a book club meeting in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, just selected Laura Meets Jeffrey as its current read. After previously reading and discussing Fifty Shades of Grey, Karen, who had read and loved Laura Meets Jeffrey suggested it as a nice contrast, as well as a real-life example of BDSM. “Laura Meets Jeffrey is so much better written. It’s real, and the writing grabs you. I think that’s what makes it a good fit for our club.”

When asked about her club’s initial reaction to Laura Meets Jeffrey, Karen Quinton said, “Everyone says the writing is brilliant and everyone in the club is quite anxious to discuss the book, which we’ll do as a group in late September. We’re all amazed that it’s all true. One member said, ‘It’s well-written and disturbingly raw.’ Others say it’s the hottest book they have ever read, while others say it’s fascinating but disgusting. That’s what will make for a good discussion.”
Laura Meets Jeffrey in 1980. Jeffrey was a designer for rock stars and creative director of an arty hardcore porn magazine. Laura was a lingerie model working at a high-end brothel to pay off her husband’s gambling debt. When they met, it was “love at first orgasm.”

Woven through the story of Laura Meets Jeffrey are numerous side trips through the pop culture of the era. There’s a comical treatise on the food, clothing, hair-dos and sex practices of the five social classes of orgies in New York from 1971 to 1981, and essays on anal sex, spanking, masturbation, and “the cocaine delusion.” Plus, Jeffrey presents fascinating first person accounts of working for John & Yoko and George Harrison; getting high with Tim Leary, and boxing with champion Jose Torres and actor Ryan O’Neal.
Norman Mailer guided the editing, bequeathed the Foreword and considered this book “literature” rather than mere “writing.” His foreword proclaims this book is “above the directly pornographic, most readable, surprisingly objective, funny, salacious…and perversely—dare I say it?—uplifting!”

Legs McNeil, author, pop culture historian and former editor of Spin Magazine, writes in the introduction: “Be warned: This is a dirty book, an odd romantic S&M love story bathed in bodily fluids. And be invited: This is one of the best-written nonfiction works I’ve ever read.”

Reviews on Amazon (average 4.9 stars out of 5) report the writing brings the reader straight into the action, whether Laura and Jeffrey are working with celebrities or participating in naked romps at orgies, glory holes and BDSM clubs with porn stars, swingers, sugar daddies and horny White House speechwriters.

Laura Meets Jeffrey is available worldwide as an eBook through Inscribe/Digital, and in Trade Paperback from and

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