(Goodlettsville, TN) Ntimate’s FleshWrap recently premiered for the adult industry at the Adult Entertainment Expo (AEE) at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas January 18th through 20th, and was nominated for a 2012 AVN Award for Best Sex Toy for Men. Today, the male pleasure system is now available for public consumption and is shipping to customers and resellers worldwide. FleshWrap is a completely new pleasure-enhancing product that radically increases a man’s enjoyment during sex.

“FleshWrap is a true revolution in male sexual pleasure,” says Jack Campbell, Ntimate CEO. “It’s a completely new category of sex product that makes sex feel radically and unimaginably better for guys. It is truly rare for a new type of sex product to be invented and taken to market.”

FleshWrap is a small frame and crossbar that gently pulls and tugs the scrotum and testicles upward and forward from the body, lifting the scrotum up along the underside of the penis. The result is a firmer erection and astonishing pleasure during sex. It is available in two versions that both have body-safe, phthalate-free polycarbonate frames. The Standard version with polycarbonate crossbars retails for $29.99 and the Premium version features marine grade polished stainless steel crossbars (for the feel of steel) and retails for $49.99. And every man can find the best combination and fit for himself, because both the Standard and Premium FleshWraps include two sizes of frames and crossbars.

To learn more about the FleshWrap, visit www.fleshwrap.com. To get more information on Ntimate’s brands and where they are retailed, contact Ntimate directly at info@ntimate.com. Sites running articles or press releases on our company can join FleshWrap’s affiliate marketing program and earn a 10% sales commission. Registering is quick and simple by visiting http://ntimate.3dcartstores.com/affiliateinfo.asp.