Oktober Sexfest II opens with a handsome British man, Mark, sitting in his bar explaining how happy he is that there is a good crowd in his bar & how that came to be. He explains he inherited the bar from his uncle. He reminisces about going to see his lawyer, Victoria Redd.

That leads to the first sex scene which takes place in the lawyer’s office. Mark and Victoria proceed to have sex at the table and chairs in her office after handling the details of his inheritance. This is the most sensual sex scene in the film. Something about the way they touch, kiss etc is incredibly hot and retains a very gentle feel even though the sex is hardcore.

Scene 1: Victoria Redd, Mark Rose

They start with kissing and a little tit licking Then some more very hot kissing while she rubs his cock & he plays with her tits.
She goes down to her knees to give him a blow job as he sits in a chair. At one point he holds her throat and guides her to be “nice and slow” then has her stand up and turn her back to him and he kisses and eats her ass and helps her out of her panties. Next he has her sit opposite him and she spreads her legs so he can kneel before her and eat her pussy. She is in beige thigh high stockings.
After a moment he starts fucking her while she plays with her tits and moans. He stops to eat her out a little more. Enters her again. We see from behind him and he has a perfect ass. Then he has her stand and bend over and takes her from behind and the camera shot is from underneath him. He taps her clit with his finger then takes her from behind again. He pauses to rub his cock up her ass crack then enters her pussy again. Very sensual fuck. They lay on the floor so he can take her spooning and he proceeds to do her anal as
she starts to play with her clit. She is wearing great black heels with an ankle strap. Patent leather. A little more kissing and he picks up the pace a somewhat. He stands and sits in a chair and she lowers herself on to his cock for more anal while she plays with her pussy some more. She inserts her fingers in her pussy as she rides him reverse cowgirl. She drops to her knees to blow him briefly then they get back on the floor for doggy style vaginal a few strokes then doggy anal. She bounces back on his huge cock before he takes her vag again. As he gets close he asks if she is ready then cums all over her ass. She looks back to appreciate his load, reaches back and strokes him and they kiss briefly.

Scene 2: Ana Rose, Mark Rose

Next, Mark goes back to the village in Germany where he grew up to see his bar. He remembers a sexual tryst he had with Ana Rose. We see the two of them sitting on a couch and kissing for a bit. It was nice to see that go on for a few moments. Then Ana moves out of Mark’s reach and begins teasing him by rubbing her breasts through her top and her crotch through her underwear. Finally, she removes her clothes and grabs a dildo to use on herself as Mark rubs his bulging crotch. Then they move on to some hot sex. This is the best scene in the movie for not rushing from one position or act to the next. They take the time to linger a bit in most positions.

They kiss on the couch as she takes his shirt off and rubs his chest.
He has on neon yellow shorts under the jeans. They kiss some more as he plays with her braided hair. She moves out of his reach and starts playing with her breasts through her top to teas him then strips down for him. Again, very natural looking girl this time with small tits. She strokes herself over her panties that are black plaid before tugging them aside to play with her clit for him to see.
He is rubbing his now hard bulge through his shorts while he watches her play with her pussy and then play with her nipples. She stands and shows him her perfect ass and rubs it. Playfully, she takes off her pink pleated skirt and sits back on the couch to play with her pussy for second, slides off her panties leaving her white heels on. Sits back and plays with herself more after tossing her panties to him. He is stroking him self in his shorts. She leans over and picks up a pink dildo, licks it then inserts it and fucks herself while he watches. She gets to her knees, strokes his thighs, spreads his legs, licks him through the shorts. Rubs his bulge and stomach and chest. She helps him out of the shorts and gives him a blow job.
Then we see her from behind as she reaches down to play with her clit.. Next she lowers herself onto his cock and plays with her clit as she rides him reverse cowgirl. She bounces on his cock as he plays with her nips then she gets up, faces him in cowgirl and works his cock back in and starts fucking him again. They kiss a little while she rides him and they slow it down then speed back up alternating. She climbs off and kneels on the couch. He fingers her pussy for a moment then teases her crease with his cock head before entering her and fucks her doggy style. Soon they are moaning loudly. He has her flip over and eats her pussy for a moment. Then fucks her as he kneels in front of the couch. He pulls out and eats her pussy hard as she rocks her hips up to him. He enters her again for vag again takes her braid in his fist for a moment. Finally he cream pies her.

Scene 3: Tina Hot, Leny Ewil, uncredited actor.

Next we see Mark walk up to the bar he now owns. Inside he discovers there is only one customer sitting at the bar having an ale. In the next room he finds the three employees, two men and a woman, seated at a wooden picnic table, drinking and joking around. He remarks that he recognizes one of them as an old friend named Peter , played by Leny Ewil. The other man he doesn’t mention the name of so I’ll call him Red as that is the color of the shirt he is wearing. The young lady with them is Tina Hot. This is the most intense sex scene in the movie.

Red and Tina Hot start kissing and he rubs her pussy through her white underwear as the other Peter leans over the table for a better view. Red starts finger fucking her as they kiss. Peter is jerking his cock as he watches. Then he walks over and she sucks his cock while the Red continues to finger fuck her and watch her suck cock. Then Red face fucks her while she strokes Peter’s cock. She goes back and forth sucking one and stroking the other alternating. Red face fucks her and makes her deep throat as it gets sloppy. Then as she is sucking 2nd guy again and stroking 1st guy he finger fucks her more. Tina says she wants to be fucked. She stands up and lays on her side on the bar/picnic table. Peter takes off her panties and takes her pussy from behind as Red lays on the table so she can suck his cock. Peter plays with her clit as he fucks her and Red face fucks her some more. She stands and bends forward over the table so Red can now fuck her doggy style while she sucks Peter standing on the other side so she is in a ‘spit’ position. Red fucks her hard and she is moaning as she strokes Peter. He kisses her and watches her take Red’s pounding. Then she gets face fucked by Peter as Red keeps
fucking her hard from behind and she whimpers on Peter’s cock. Red fingers her asshole with one finger first, then works in two while she continues to suck Peter. Red works some spit into her tight asshole and finger fucks her ass for a bit before sliding in his cock. Peter kisses her some more as Red fucks her ass deep. After a while Red starts alternating between fucking her pussy and fucking her ass hard for a few strokes as she strokes Peter and moans. She gets to her knees and blows Red as Peter lays on the table and holds the back of her neck forcing her deeper onto his cock. This is only for a minute. Peter lays on his back on the table. She climbs on top and takes his cock in her pussy. Red climbs above them and takes her anal as as they DP her hard then slow. Red is balls deep in her ass. She begs him to fuck her. Then she flips over so Red is on bottom and Peter is on top and they keep DPing her until she comes
hard. They don’t stop fucking her though as Mark continues to watch. Tina gets to her knees again and the guys stand on either side of her so she can stroke and suck them both as she tells them she wants their cum. First Peter shoots cum in her mouth and on her face then she turns to Red who jerks him self to cum all over her face and hair.

Mark walks in and fires Red & Tina for being horrid employees but retains his friend, Peter.

Scene 3: Uma Zex, Bella Baby, Leny Ewil

Mark and Peter sit down for a beer as Moss fills Peter in on how he came to own the bar and future plans. Next we see Peter on the street passing out fliers to promote the Oktober party planned at the bar. Peter meets Uma Zex and Bella Baby on the street. They are interested in becoming barmaids so Peter invites them back to his hotel room to ‘talk about it’.

This is the g/g/b scene of the movie. Peter again goes balls deep and hard on both women at times but never in a way that seems aggressive or overly dominant. Regardless of which woman Peter is having sex with at the moment the remaining woman stays actively involved in the scene whether it’s sucking Peter’s cock between strokes, playing with the other woman’s breasts, kissing either of the other two etc.

Peter spends hours on the street corners handing out flyers. He meets two sexy girls, Uma Zex & Bella Baby, and tells them he is looking for bar maids. He has the girls come back to his hotel room to chat. The two girls kiss while Peter watches then he sits on the bed. The Bella sits on his knee, Uma sits on the other side of him. He takes turns kissing each girl as the girls rub his crotch & chest. Uma works her hand into his pants and strokes him. The girls get him out of his shirt and he helps them out of their clothes. Both girls are wearing black underpants & bras. Bella lays on the bed on her back as Peter goes down on her and Uma kisses her then takes off her clothes and lets the Bella suck Uma’s nipple held above her face. The girls are kissing hard as Peter eats the Bella’s pussy. He takes off her underwear and heats her as he plays with her clit. Uma helps Bella out of her bra as she plays with her big tits. They kiss some more and Peter stands while the Bella kneels and gives him a blow job and the Uma licks his balls and strokes his cock into Bella’s mouth. Then the Bella sucks his balls while Uma sucks his cock. Peter lays on the bed on his back and pulls Bella on top of him. Uma sucks his cock while Bella is on him cowgirl then guides his cock
into the Bella’s pussy. Bella rides him for a minutes while Uma plays with his ball sack then he pulls out and she sucks him. They do this a couple of times. As Bella is riding him the girls kiss for a moment. Next the Uma lays on her side so Peter can take her spooning and fucks her hard balls deep for a moment. Peter stops and lays on his back as the Bella sucks him. Uma sucks him for a moment then gets on top to be fucked reverse cowgirl as the Bella watches her pussy. Uma stands over them for a second and Bella sucks his cock. Then she seats herself on his cock again and gets fucked some more. She climbs off and they take turns sucking Peter and licking his balls. Bella sucks him while Uma kneels over Peter’s face and he eats her for a moment. Next he flips Bella onto her back and fucks her while Uma lowers her pussy over Bella’s face for a tonging as she kisses Peter. He leans back and she sucks his cock for a moment before Uma guides his cock back into the Bella’s pussy.
He stops and Uma sucks him again then guides his cock into the Bella’s pussy as she plays with the Bella’s clit then kisses her. Uma leans over the Bella’s pussy to suck Peter again and he goes back to fucking the Bella as Uma works her clit until Bella cums. Peter keeps fucking her after she comes and Uma kisses her. Peter climbs off, flips Uma onto her knees on the bed and fucks her vag from behind as she eats Bella’s pussy. Then the Uma is on her back as Peter kisses her while he fucks her deep. As peter keeps fucking her the Bella keeps playing with Uma’s titties and kissing her. Uma keeps laughing in an annoying way. Bella lowers her pussy over the Uma’s mouth as Peter fucks her. Peter kneels on the bed and Uma sucks him for a moment. He stands and jerks til he comes into Uma’s mouth. There is a little spit play between the girls as they share his cum. After he tells the girls they are hired.

The next scene is back to where the film began, with Mark sitting in his now crowded bar for the Oktoberfest. After the guests leave Mark, Peter, Bella, Uma, Ana and another gentleman retire to the back yard behind the bar for drinks.

Scene 4: Uma Zex, Ana Rose, Bella Baby, Mark Rose, Leny Ewil, uncredited actor.

Then we are back to the bar in the present moment. Mark’s old girlfriend, Ana, is there with her new boyfriend. Mark wonders “When will I get some pussy?”. Finally the guests leave so Mark, Peter & the other actor as well as Uma, Ana & Bella head to the garden behind the beer hall and start to party. After a lot of drinking Uma & Ana start kissing as the guys rub their backs. The other couple is also making out. The girls all show that they are not wearing panties. Peter takes out his hard cock to show them and Bella strokes it. He sits on the table for a blow job while Mark
stands so Uma can suck him. The other actor & his Bella are in the background making out. We alternate between seeing blow jobs.
Uma & Ana switch who they are blowing.

Bella lays back on picnic bench so her boyfriend can eat her pussy.
Peter eats Ana’s ass from behind. Bella gets her ass eaten from behind by Ana’s new boyfriend. Peter takes Ana from behind and bounces her back on his cock. Ana sucks Mark’s cock more then sits on a bench so Mark can kneel between her legs and fuck her. He fucks her and she cums and squirts. He pulls out a second then makes her do it again quickly. Ana is laying on the table now getting fucked by Peter. Peter and Mark switch so that Mark fucks on the table while Peter gets blown by Uma who then leans over Ana, they kiss and Uma plays with Ana’s tit as she get gets fucked hard from behind by Peter. Ana cums again and squirts more. Peter goes back to fucking her. Mark makes Ana cum as Uma is fucked and rubs her tits. Bella is being fucked on the other end of the table by Ana’s
boyfriend. She cums. Uma is sucking Peter then Peter & Mark change partners again. Ana sucks Mark til he shoots a huge load in her mouth as Ana watches over her shoulder. Ana and Rose share his cum while kissing. Ana goes down to suck Peter til he cums too more spit play with Uma.

What I liked:
Overall, I liked the movie. Oktober Sexfest II is a movie that would be enjoyable to women viewers as well as men. I found the first three sex scenes to be really hot. There was as much ‘face time’ for the actors as there was for the actresses. The actors had as many lines and were just as well heard as the actresses. The film was shot on location in Europe rather than being faked in a studio and the actors are truly European so their ‘accents’ are legitimate lending a feel of authenticity to the film. All of the actors and actresses were very attractive in a natural way. The men were quite handsome & buff while the ladies were lovely & not plastic. The story, while simple, was good and made a logical transition from one sex scene to the next.

What I didn’t like:
I felt that movement from one sex act or position to the next was sometimes rushed and not enough time was spent on many acts. For example, we would see an actor get in 5 or 6 strokes before pulling out for a few seconds of blow job then return to penetration or go to next position. The actors names are not shown in the opening credits, closing credits, nor on the box cover. This is always a point of contention for me as a female fan. While the spit play wasn’t excessive it’s something I detest seeing and always look away from or fast forward. That’s just a personal preference.

I would recommend renting this movie to men, women and couples who enjoy hardcore adult entertainment.