Los Angeles – Homegrown Video found nearly a third, 29.6%, of all homemade sex tapes submitted to the amateur porn studio are created in the American “Bible Belt.” The numbers, a result of a six-month research study of all amateur porn submitted to the company, also showed 56.9% of all submissions were from women, supporting recent reports of increased female acceptance and participation in pornographic material, as producers, as well as consumers.

Percentages of amateur porn performers by state, which were rounded to the nearest tenth decimal point, were as follows:

20.6% from CA (42.9% are female)
11.8% from PA (50% are female)
10.8% from FL (63.7% are female)
6.9% from TX (57.1% are female)
5.9% from AZ (83.3% are female)
4.9% from CO (80% are female)
3.9% from WA (75% are female)
3.9% from NC (75% are female)
2% from CT (50% are female)
2% from GA (50% are female)
2% from OR (50% are female)
2% from MI (100% are female)
2% from NV (50% are female)
2% from KS (50% are female)
1% from MA (0% are female)
1% from IN (100% are female)
1% from KY (100% are female)
1% from LA (0% are female)
1% from NY (0% are female)
1% from WV (100% are female)

International demographics from the same study netted the following results:

2.9% from Czech Republic (33.3% are female)
2% from Ontario, Canada (50% are female)
2% from British Columbia, Canada (50% are female)
2% from Romania (50% are female)
2% from Israel (50% are female)
2% from Guatemala (50% are female)

Statistics for the study were obtained from amateurs submitting to Homegrown Video during the 6-month period between July 1, 2013 and December 31, 2013.

The results of Homegrown Video’s six-month study echoes recent reports by religious media outlet Christian Post’s 2013 end-of-year report of national demographics, as determined by the “7 Deadly Sins.” The Christian Post’s report showed that lust, the craving for sex, was most evident in the same “Bible Belt” areas of the United States.

“I think the important thing to take from these results is regardless of region, religion, sex, or political views, people have an innate curiosity about sex,” says Homegrown Video owner Farrell Timlake. “Often they also have a desire to expand their sexual boundaries and share the experience.”

“This goes hand-in-hand with Homegrown’s mission,” continues Timlake. “We believe sexuality and sexual desire are the ‘sixth sense,’ a form of expression allowing people to see, hear, and feel the deepest emotions words are unable to fully describe – love and happiness – the vitality of life. The suppression of sexuality is the equivalent of a blindfold or gag, closing eyes and lips to love, preventing the expression of happiness.”

The birthplace of amateur adult entertainment and the quintessential brand for those looking to share their sex lives on camera, Homegrown Video’s releases feature amateur performers ranging from college coeds to MILFs and housewives.

Over the years, many companies have tried to copy Homegrown Video’s success, including the adult industry’s powerhouse studios. However, the only way to have a truly realistic look is to be 100% real – an unrivaled attribute of Homegrown Video.

Homegrown Video’s flagship site is the source of “the world’s largest collection of real amateur porn,” with untouched, unedited photos and videos from amateurs the world over. The site also includes a community-based members’ area, which allows both fans and content creators a forum in which to discuss scenes, offer suggestions, and collectively work on creating better content as a group.