Onlyfans charges 20% VAT from 1st of july

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Subscribers to popular adult platform OnlyFans were dealt a blow on Wednesday after being informed they must now pay VAT to see their favourite contributors.

The UK-based site, which has an estimated 24 million users worldwide, allows sex workers, pornstars, influencers and ordinary members of the public to share pictures and videos directly with subscribers. OnlyFans already takes 20% in commission and fees from performers’ earnings.

The potential for huge income has encouraged some people to leave their jobs to become full-time content creators, with some performers claiming they can make up to $30,000 per month.

“Starting on 1 July 2020, OnlyFans will begin collecting and remitting VAT in your country on your active subscription,” the site wrote in a message to users on Wednesday. “ By collecting and remitting tax on behalf of the creators that you generously support, we are helping our creators stay compliant with the current laws. Thank you!”

Contributors set their own prices, but the tax change means a $10-per-month subscription now costs $12.

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