Here we find ourselves yet again, between a rock and a hard place. All because someone (supposedly, as I still believe in innocent until proven guilty) tested positive for an STD and attempted to cover it up, we are forced to either stop production, or shoot with a higher risk of transmission. It seems like just yesterday we learned of Mister Marcus altering a positive test and working with multiple people. Then just as we did back then, many people had a call to arms, some even threatening to quit working over the events, but with a few exceptions, not a single person did much more than rant and rave on twitter. So back to square one, this time with a performer testing positive for a non curable std, and continuing to work with others, out of a desperation to stay financially afloat.

This must stop here people, we must implement changes to ensure this stays as safe of a work environment as possible, as at the end of the day, we ARE having sex for a living. So how do we do that? I will propose the same thing I proposed during the Mister Marcus incident, that we band together as a group and all agree to sign the FORPORN Talent Transparency Pact (FTTP). What is the FTTP you may ask? Well first, yes I did shamelessly plug FORPORN, which stands for the “Fraternal ORder of PORNographers”, a proposed professional organization of responsible porn talent, producers, agents, drivers, and basically anyone in the industry who wants to see it succeed (more info can be found here: ). Next is “Talent Transparency”, this is the key term here, as currently, the talent in question are being far from transparent, as they are legally protected by HIPPA. We fix this with two steps, first by coming up with a “Pact” that we will all, from this day forward, only work with other talent who have signed the second, more important document, or waiver, which would allow TTS or CET to contact the appropriate people when someone designated as adult talent comes up positive on his or her std test. Then, we as talent only have to check that people we are performing with have a valid test from TTS or CET and are designated as adult talent in the TTS or CET system, something we can just come up with a term for, like ATWS (Adult Talent, Waiver Signed).

This, as simple as it sounds, would have prevented both of the previous scares, and any future scare. By scare I don’t mean obtaining a positive result for an STD, a “scare” is when a performer has the potential to spread the STD by continuing to work. As talent we can stop these scares, but it will only work if we all band together. It truly is a shame that we have come to a point where we must all sign basically a promise to be honest with our fellow performers, but we are at that point. I have already contacted LATATA and requested a meeting, this will be to hash out the details, but in a very short amount of time, we could find ourselves at a much safer point. So I end with a challenge, who will band with me and agree to sign this pact that we MUST change this system of non-transparency?

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