Warrendale, Pa. — Porn enthusiasts now have a platform to let their voices be heard. The official launch of PayForYourPorn.Org has brought together the industry’s top players for a common cause – to support the benefits of quality paid content.

The organization educates adult entertainment fans to fight against theft by seeking out paid content. Purchasing content ensures it’s better produced, delivered in higher quality formats, more secure, and fosters the creation of new adult content. Industry professionals can join the cause by partnering with PayForYourPorn.org and spreading the word through social media and other platforms.

Porn stars may like it rough sometimes, but picking their pockets takes playing dirty too far. Adult performer, Wicked Pictures contract star, and sex educator jessica drake is an advocate on the effects of piracy: “As a performer, director, and producer for Wicked Pictures, I can speak first hand about the very real effects of piracy on the entertainment industry and the economy. Piracy is a very serious criminal activity. It not only decreases the bottom line of the artist, but also every single person who is employed by the art, music, literary, and entertainment industries.”

“People don’t realize Illegal downloading of copyrighted digital content results in a loss of jobs, lower wages, higher unemployment rates, and higher taxes,” continues drake. “Theft is also a violation of personal consent and ethics. Support the entertainment you love, the companies and stars who make your favorite movies, and the economy. Please pay for your porn.”

Tasha Reign, adult performer and owner of Reign Productions, agrees, “I hope my fans understand I cannot create porn without them paying for it. The word needs to be spread.”

Adult industry members and adult entertainment fans may start by learning more at PayForYourPorn.Org. Adult content providers interested in partnering with the cause should use the “Contact Us” form at the bottom of the page. Get all of the latest updates by subscribing to or following #PayForYourPorn on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Tumblr.

One of the key messages of PayForYourPorn.org is porn piracy hurts everyone, from the creators behind the scenes to the porn stars fans love to watch. Most importantly, it affects the consumer. Everybody needs to make a living – theft only helps take away the ability of the tens of thousands of people in the adult industry.