Peabody Media is proud to announce the hiring of Pornstar Kora Peters as VP of Social Marketing for PeabodyCash. Kora will be handling all social media campaigns for such PeabodyCash websites as ErosExotica, Touch The Body, Fellucia Blow and other Mister Peabody World sites.

I have seen firsthand the power of Kora’s social marketing skills! With over 10,000 Twitter followers of her own in a few short months, Kora knows the ins-and-outs of Facebook et al and how to successfully “build a brand”. She has already transformed our ErosExotica social campaign into a bona fide winner.

“I’m thrilled to be working for Peabody Media,” says Kora. “I love Eros Exotica and many of the sites in the Mister Peabody World network and think I can really help raise awareness, engender brand loyalty and increase revenue for Peabody Cash and all its’ affiliates. I’m looking forward to working with all of you!”

If you’re an affiliate and run any social media campaigns please contact Kora at We can provide whatever custom marketing materials you don’t find on and can even coordinate campaigns, friends and followers. We’re also interested in mobile traffic as we’re launching all-mobile designs in June.

So let’s tweet and chat and friend each other and link ourselves in or whatever people do with this social media stuff to MAKE MONEY! (Ask Kora, she’s the expert)