New York, NY – Performer Lisa Ann provides an Official Statement in regards to her allegation of a male performer testing positive for Hepatitis C.

LATATA, and anyone else, imply that I did not have the information I needed to make such claims, but can they prove me wrong? If so, I would be thrilled. Thrilled to know no one in the industry I love so much is sick. That is not what anyone wants, for anyone in the industry.

You are correct in that I am not privy to the information of someone else’s health records. However, I am privy to common sense; I am willing to apply that common sense to satisfy my own research, and to protect myself and the health and well being of MY business.

When I was asked to work with Alex Gonz, I requested and received a copy of his test on my phone, and noticed that the test was from a facility neither TTS nor CET. Since Alex is represented by Derek Hay of LA Direct Models, my first phone call was to him. I asked Derek some important questions; the first question was “Derek, do you let YOUR talent work with performers who have tests that are NOT from CET or TTS?” Derek’s reply was “NO”. I then asked why he would have one of the male performers, who he represents through his agency, listed as ACTIVE on his site, testing at Lab Corp and not through TTS or CET.

Derek tried to deny it, but he then mentioned there was an issue about the non-industry-approved test on another set, but he wasn’t sure of the details.

NOW I CALL BULLSHIT on Derek’s response to me regarding Alex Gonz and his test. Derek knows every detail of what happens on every set he send his performers to, because that’s how he watches his money and conducts his business. So, Derek – please don’t try to pull that with me. I have been in the business longer than you, and by the looks of how this is playing out, I will be in the business a lot longer than you too.

For those of you who have read the Official Statement from Derek on XBIZ, he states the industry does NOT require a clean Hepatitis test in order to shoot.

Derek – thank you for admitting you knew about this “loophole.” You came clean in your own, roundabout way. Since, as you admit, the Industry doesn’t require a clean Hepatitis test, you basically admitted you and LA Direct Models will keep Alex Gonz on your site as “Available To Work” in sex scenes regardless of a positive Hepatitis C test result.

What the industry needs is for those, like Derek, who are more worried about money than the health of the industry, to get shut down. If you are an agent who allows your talent to go to set with a non-industry-approved STD test, then you are a danger to the industry, and you need to be shut down.

If you say it is ok for your performers to work with a positive Hepatitis C test result because the “industry doesn’t require you” to be clean of Hepatitis C, Derek – you are a sicker motherfucker than even I ever imagined. You’re already the largest illegal PIMP in this industry, pushing your girls to escort and perform in unsafe situations off set. Now you want ALL of us to be unsafe on set as well with these recent statements.

Lest anyone forget, I worked at LA Direct Models for a year. I learned a LOT during that year. I have enough information to do what ever I need, but that would do nothing for me.

However, protecting this business does EVERYTHING for me.

Thank you,