(Orange County, CA) – Peter North is a living legend in the adult entertainment world. He is a hall of fame performer, award winning director and his Northpole line of movies has been a top seller for over a decade. Fans know Peter for a number of things, but one thing stands out above all the others. One thing makes him the object of feminine desire and the subject of male envy. That one thing is incredible volume of his copious cumshots.

Peter’s monster pop shots are truly the stuff of legend. They are unforgettable in every way and fans have long wished that they could blast a Northian warning shot across the bow of their beautiful partner or decorate the smiling face of the object of their deepest fantasies.

Thanks to Peter North’s Decorator a brand new app for Android platform devices, they can do just that.

Developed by Post Dawn, Peter North’s Decorator allows users to use their creativity to decorate their favorite photographs. It loads images selected by the user and then allows them fire shots paintball-style, that explode on impact. A well aimed volley may coat a smile, splash an eye or even mess up the hairdo of your favorite celebrity. Users may adjust the volume and color of their shots for optimal coverage. Peter North’s voice also adds to the fun, encouraging shooters and spouting frisky one liners as he spurts.

The new app is discussed at length in a new interview Peter did with XBIZ’s Dan Miller this week.

“Coming up with something like this that is so original and groundbreaking ranks high in my things that I’ve done during my career in adult,” North told XBIZ’s Dan Miller.

Read the complete interview on XBIZ.com at http://www.XBIZ.com/news/142078

With the launch of Peter North’s Decorator and growing buzz, plans to make it a global phenomena are already underway.

“We are ready for this thing to blow up,” says Post Dawn’s Craven Moorehead. “We want people all over the world taking their favorite photo and doing what Peter has been doing to gorgeous women for decades.”

Peter North’s Decorator is available at is available at https://market.android.com/details?id=com.postdawn.decorator for $2.99.

A Facebook page has been set up where users are encouraged to upload their decorated photos:


Photos may also be shared via Twitter:


Thanks to “Peter North’s Decorator” anyone can paint like living legend Peter. Pick up yours today.