Los Angeles – VividRadio.com, the world’s most listened to adult radio network, and Sports Overnight America (a Sports Byline USA radio show) have selected Philadelphia Eagles rookie quarterback Carson Wentz as their player of the month for October. Wentz the athlete and Wentz the stud will be discussed on the two networks’ Vivid Radio Sports Spotlight segment on Thursday, October 20.

Sports guru Gerrie Burke, the popular host of Sports Overnight America, will discuss Wentz from a football viewpoint when he appears on April Flores’ Vivid Radio The Voluptuous Life show on at 1:10 pm PT. April will appear on Gerrie’s show at 11:10 pm PT to talk about Wentz from her unique sensual point-of-view.

“Wentz has unquestionably created a buzz in the Eagles’ locker room and there is talk that he has been put in a good position to succeed,” says April, a gorgeous multiple-award winning adult performer, writer and plus-sized model. “He’s just 24 years old, but this 6’5” rookie seems to be skilled at making all the right moves. It’s definitely going to be fun imagining his athletic skills in the bedroom.”

“No one can deny that he is the only rookie QB to start and win his team’s first three games without throwing an interception since the 1970 AFL-NFL merger,” said Burke. “I’ll bet he’ll be thrilled with this new honor as our player of the month.”

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