Las Vegas – With less than a week remaining before the Pron Party ( at the Venetian Hotel’s V-Bar, Pron Party co-sponsors Pink Visual and AEBN have issued a handy “Who We Are” guide for party attendees and the media covering the event. The guide can be viewed at

“Many of the those attending the party are friends and business associates of either Pink Visual or AEBN, but there will be a lot of media in attendance, and others who have never met any of us, so we thought it would be helpful to give people a quick rundown of who’s who to help them pick us out of the crowd at a glance,” said Lea Busick, Marketing Director for Pink Visual. “As for Lexi, Alexis and Kirsten, we figure most people are like us, in that they’ll take any excuse they can get to take another look at these three lovely ladies.”

Representing Pink Visual at the party will be Busick, Pink Visual President Allison Vivas, Matt Morningwood, the studio’s in-house director/producer, as well as performers Lexi Belle and Alexis Texas. Representing AEBN will be RealTouch Manager Scott Rinaldo and performer Kirsten Price.

In addition to free cocktails and snacks, Pron Party attendees will get a glimpse at the latest sites, apps and other products offered by Pink Visual and AEBN/RealTouch. Busick said that on top of demoing the company’s recently released cloud-based distribution platform, (, Pink Visual will unveil a new free video site that operates on an ad-supported revenue generation model that mirrors the structure of some mainstream entertainment video sites.

“This new site is designed to bridge the gap between the adult and mainstream sectors, by providing adult content that carries with it mainstream advertising,” Busick said. “I’m sure a lot of naysayers will scoff at that notion, but we’re confident that if we approach it properly, we can overcome the unfair stigma attached to adult content, and persuade some intrepid, forward-thinking mainstream brands to work with us on this. We encourage any mainstream advertisers interested to contact us for more detail – to which we’d happily add an invitation to the Pron Party, if they happen to be in town at the time.”

Busick said that Pink Visual will also debut at the Pron Party a new mini-documentary the studio has produced, entitled EroTech: A Brief History of Porn and Technology.

“EroTech is a lighthearted look at the symbiotic relationship that has existed between porn and technology basically since the dawn of time,” Busick said. “It’s light on dull pedantic detail, heavy on irreverence, and loaded with inside jokes that members of the adult industry and the media alike will get a kick out of.”

Earlier today, Pink Visual released a promotional trailer for EroTech, which can be viewed at

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