Van Nuys, Calif. –, the adult entertainment site that Cnet once said could help determine whether cloud services are “a slice of heaven or just vapor” celebrates the one-year anniversary of its official launch on May 15, a benchmark that has Pink Visual executives taking stock of what they have learned from the site’s inaugural run.

“The concept behind PVLocker has been referred to at times by third parties as the ‘iTunes® of porn,’, but we know the site has a long way to go before it has earned that sort of comparison,” said Pink Visual President Allison Vivas. “Having said that, we’re certainly extremely proud of the site and optimistic that it will achieve the goals we have set for it, in due time.”

A particular source of satisfaction for Pink Visual is that it introduced the ‘cloud’ storage component of PVLocker for user-uploaded content before mainstream companies like Apple had unveiled their own similar services.

“Our customers love the convenience and flexibility of our upload function, and they really love that the video files they upload are automatically transcoded to offer cross-platform access in the future,” Vivas said. “While a lot of users are pretty sophisticated, it’s a nice bonus to not have to figure out how to transcode files on their own; they can just upload the original video to PVLocker and let our script handle the rest.”

Vivas said that Pink Visual’s plan to grow PVLocker’s user base largely revolves around signing on more adult studios as content providers, as well as improving the site’s existing functionality.

“We know from operating video-on-demand sites that video sites tend to sell better as more content is added, and we know that PVLocker customers want more than just Pink Visual’s content, so it is crucial that we continue to bring more studios on board,” Vivas said. “The data clearly shows that when we add new content, sales increase. We already have outstanding content partners in Wasteland, Smash Pictures,, PRIVATE, Demolition, Grind House and Acid Rain; we just need to sign on additional studios of the same caliber in order to satisfy consumer demand for more variety without sacrificing on the quality of the content we offer.”

To celebrate the site’s anniversary, Pink Visual is offering a free scene to all customers, new and existing, starting on May 15 and running through May 30.