Prop 60 Interview with Casey Calvert


Casey Calvert 1Hello Casey, for those who might not know you please let us know you are and please describe yourself?

Well, hi, I’m Casey Calvert. I’m one of those naked-on-the-internet-with-a-dick-in-her models aka a porn star. I’ll have been in the adult business for four years and three days the day we vote on Prop 60.

You recently wrote an article on Huffington Post (read it here) where you discuss the upcoming Prop 60 legislation vote in California. For those that don’t know, what is Prop 60?

Prop 60 is a California state proposition on the 2016 ballot; the “The California Safer Sex  in the Adult Film Industry Act.” In very brief, Prop 60 is about requiring adult performers to wear condoms for all b/g scenes. But more in depth, it contains sections about the regulation and enforcement of the legislation that are very worrying.

It’s obviously ridiculous to force consenting adults to use a condom when they don’t want to but what is the most concerning part of the legislation in your opinion?

To me, Prop 60 isn’t really even about condoms. There are two things that really worry me:

Prop 60 contains a provision that allows private citizens to sue producers and those with a financial interest in the product if they see a film without a condom. This opens up a massive can of very dangerous worms. Ignoring the absurd precedent this sets and the financial disaster this would be, it’s still terrifying. Most performers these days, including myself, are also considered producers, and a lawsuit will reveal all aspects of personal information – like a home address – to a stalker, an anti-porn zealot, whomever the plaintiff ends up being. And since the Prop also dictates a financial incentive for the plaintiff, there is nothing stopping those who want to harm us.

Also, Prop 60 contains a provision that makes Michael Weinstein (CEO of the AIDS Healthcare casey-calvert-4Foundation, sole proponent of the act and a man who’s spent $4million belonging to his non-profit pushing it) the “porn czar” of California. He gets a job within the State, one that he essentially can’t be removed from, for life, to enforce the act.

Given all the opposition from both sides of the aisle, how confident are you in the likelihood of it being defeated?

It’s pretty amazing to me that both the CA Democratic Party and CA Republican Party oppose the act. It’s hard to get those two groups of people to agree on anything no less something like this. But they both plainly realize this is about so much more than safer sex, that this act is dangerous for California.

It’s this opposition that gives me hope the act will be defeated. The parties send out pamphlets to their registered members, with the party’s opinion on each Prop. Both parties are sending out vote NO on 60.

I’m hoping these pamphlets save us, because otherwise, who could say no to safe sex in porn, right?

Lets assume that it does pass, what do you think will happen with the industry? Will there simply be a mass exodus from California or do you think it will go on in another way?

I am certain the business will endure if Prop 60 passes, porn isn’t going anywhere. But there will certainly be a drop in production from big companies for quite a while, while things get figured out. It’s not as easy as just slipping on a condom. I’m sure some companies will leave the state, but that comes with its own set of challenges. What I fear are big companies so afraid of regulation that the business goes underground, and operates as something illegal. I’ll have to make the unpleasant decision of whether I’m comfortable working like that. And as casey-calvert-3for smaller companies and talent-produced films, I expect a lot of those companies to fold because they won’t be able to afford to stay in business. I know I will stop shooting all b/g custom videos. The risk won’t be worth the reward.

Are there any projects or special events coming up that you would like to promote, if so please do so?

The only thing I want to promote right now is November 8th. If you’re going out to the polls, please, vote NO on Prop 60!