Kimberly Kane 1Hello Kimberly. You have a new movie coming out called Family Secrets from Vivid. What can you tell us about the movie?

Family Secrets is the first neo-noir feature I’ve written. It has a lot of drama and dark plot twists. All the actor’s are at the top of their game in this movie and I couldn’t be more pleased.

So it is a crime drama. What was your inspiration for this movie and do you have any more that could be made in this style?

I just wanted to write something with mystery and drama. I’d love to write more movies like this in the future.

From the trailer it looks like you are playing the detective that is investigating that crime. What can you tell us about your character in particular?

My character is trying to solve a murder that hits close to home and she uncovers secrets that she never could have imagined.

Who else is in the movie and what are their characters like?

Kimberly Kane 2Steven St. Croix is such a great actor and so good at drama. I think Danny Wylde stands out in this movie as well, he has a natural darkness that played well for his character. Penny Pax was really great too. She nailed the whole Laura Palmer vibe that I needed for her role. And I cannot forget Richie, he’s insane in this movie!

Seeing that you have had directed different types of films, what would you say your style is, if you have one?

I enjoy making movies and I also enjoy the editing process. I try to bring care back to the “content” driven market.

Thank you Kimberly for this quick exchange. If there is anything you’d like to promote or plug please go ahead and let us know.

Just for everyone to check out my twitter (@kimberlykane) and Instagram (@KKShot).  Thanks so much!

Go here to check out Family Secrets.