Mindi Mink 1Hello Mindi. Last time we chatted you had just finished filming your first scenes in the adult industry. Since then you were also signed as a contract performer with Girlfriends Films. What has the journey been like over the past year, going from cam girl to contract performer?

The journey has been incredible! I’ve been so well received from the GFF fans and a whole new set of fans have now discovered me. I’ve been doing less camming than before because now I am busy with filming for GFF, doing Skype dates & filming custom clips. I also have been asked to do 1 hour long feature Web Cam shows for another site. I perform two shows a month. My next dates are May 16th and May 27th at 5:00pm PDT. It’s free to sign up and watch me for the hour and tokens are of course appreciated. (http://www.freewebcams.com/#profile/MINDI-MINK)

Signing autographs at the GFF booth for AVN/AEE in Vegas this past January was amazing. I truly felt like a star at that point. Unfortunately none of the scenes I had done were able to be considered for an award because they were released after the cut off date, but I’m hoping AVN/AEE 2016 there is a chance to be nominated.

Now that you have quite a few scenes under your belt, what would you say is your favorite part about shooting?

My favorite part about shooting a scene for GFF is meeting all these sweet, kind hearted, lovable, adorable, beautiful women and girls. It’s so nice to be around women that want to love you, support you and be your friend. Of course kissing them and making them feel good with pleasure is always a Mindi Mink 3major turn on for me and a great part of filming too.

You have your own series with Girlfriends Films as well called Wet For Women. For those that haven’t seen it yet, what is the backdrop for this series?

Wet For Women is about a recently divorced woman (Mindi) who is a police sergeant and has two daughters. In order for us to stay in our home I have to rent out rooms to other women and girls to afford to stay there. It’s all about the discovery of my own sexuality and desires for women and also for the other ladies that rent from me or come to visit.

Do you have a list of people you want to work with now that you have a better idea of who is out there?

I’m constantly adding to my list of girls to work with. Now that I’ve been in the industry for awhile, I have a much better idea of who’s out there. GFF has a standard of women/girls that they look for and want to film, so I also have that to take into account when presenting my wish list. At least my first major request and crush on Dani Daniels happened in Wet For Women 2 and I can’t say enough about how much I enjoyed her. I’m hopeful for round two in any series!

I know you have a website but have you thought about creating a paid members site as well?

Mindi Mink 2I’m still not quite there for a paid membership site. One reason is you need new content added every week, and with not living in LA I don’t see it being easy to manage that.

Thank you Mindi for this quick exchange. If there is anything you’d like to promote or plug please go ahead and let us know.

Thank you again Christina for the interview. I would love to have more followers on Twitter @MindiMink  And also for fans to view my free informational website MindiMink.com where you can also buy my clips for sale and set up a Skype date with me.