AIPDaily and Real Touch Interactive ( would like to present all of you the opportunity to win the most advanced male sexual toy on the market today, Real Touch Interactive. Real Touch Interactive is the world’s first live and physical cyber sex experience. With the Real Touch Interactive, along with the Joystick used by a Real Touch Interactive Web Cam model, you will be able to feel everything the model is doing. If she strokes the shaft, the sensation will instantly be transferred to Real Touch. All you have to do to win this amazing product (a $199 value) is to answer three trivia questions and send your answers to You can read the questions below.

1. What is the Orgasmatron?

A, Created by Woody Allen to simulate an orgasm in his 1973 movie “Sleeper”
B. A new brand of toothpaste that makes brushing your teeth more like sex.
C. A feeling beyond orgasm.

2. In the Wicked Pictures movie 2040, about a world afraid to have sex because of a supervirus, the opening scene involves a sex scene between a human and a sex robot (AKA an anabot). What happens to the anabot in the scene?

A. She malfunctions and shuts down
B. Her head explodes
C. Nothing

3. What is the name of the weapon used in the mainstream movie Orgazmo to make people instantly have orgasms?

A. The Orgaz-o-matic
B. The Orgazmorator
C. The Cum-Ray

Contest runs through December 15th, 2012. The winner will be chosen from those who correctly all three questions.