1000_words_largeFrom 2006 we take a look at the experimental David Stanley movie 1000 Words from Wicked Pictures. The story revolves around two photographers (Carmen Hart and Randy Spears) who see each other and find an instant unspoken connection. The trouble is they are both in relationships so it appears their potential love is unattainable so they must yearn from afar and hopefully one day they can be together.

One note before we move on. I said this movie was experimental and the reason why is because it is silent. There is very little dialogue and the movie is in black and white until the sex scenes start and at that point it turns to color.

Scene 1: Jessica Lynn and Derrick Pierce

We start out with Derrick and Jessica making out on a pool table as Randy takes pictures. Things heat up quickly though when the scene switches to color as the couple engages in foreplay. This eventually leads to Jessica hopping on the table as Derrick starts to eat her out. Jessica gets on the her knees next as she gives Derrick a nice BJ before he gets on the table so she can ride him in reverse cowgirl. Standing doggie is the next and final position as Derrick finishes off by popping on Jessica’s face. Nice opening scene here. The action is relatively soft considering who is in the scene but that is the norm for David Stanley movies.

Scene 2: Roxy Jezel and Randy Spears

We are now introduced to Carmen’s character as she is on a photo shoot. She tries to take pictures of Gianna Lynn but is interrupted by Eric Masterson for a while before he gets into the pictures as well. We catch up with everyone two weeks later at a lavish gallery party. As everyone is having a good time Carmen and Randy catch each others eyes across the room. We then switch to the bedroom Randy is kissing Roxy. They continue to kiss and undress until Randy makes his way downstairs and starts licking Roxy’s box. Roxy seems to really enjoy this and in return gives an energetic blowjob in return. Doggie is then the first position as Roxy gets into it. From there they go into missionary which Roxy again seems to get into as she grinds and moans. The scene finishes with Randy pulling out and cumming Roxy’s feet, after which she licks it off. A more energetic scene than the last one as Roxy and Randy seemed to have some great chemistry. The buildup here was good too, for those that get into t buildup.

Scene 3: Carmen Hart, Gianna Lynn and Eric Masterson

Here we have Eric taking pictures as Carmen and Gianna start to play. They get right down to it as Carmen lies back as Gianna fingers and licks her pussy and clit. This doesn’t last long though as Eric comes in and they start to share his cock. Eric starts in with doggie on Carmen while she eats out and fingers Gianna. Gianna gets her turn next in missionary as Carmen sits off to the side and rubs her clit. The scene finishes with a pop on Gianna’s belly. Again we have some good chemistry here. I would have loved to have seen some more intereaction between Carmen and Gianna though. Other than that another solid scene.

Scene 4: Gianna Lynn and Eric Masterson

It’s later and we find Gianna and Eric sleeping as Carmen sits on the couch and start fantasizing about dancing with Randy. She ends up in bed with them again though and gets up to clean up a bit as they start to get it on without her. The look on her face makes me think Eric is her boyfriend and explains his behavior earlier. Anyway, Gianna get right to work by blowing Eric. She eventually gets him to cum in her mouth to finish the scene as Carmen watches to the end. Normally I would think a scene like this is unneeded because the previous scene featured these two as well but considering it leads to Carmen being upset with Eric it is needed. I will also say that I like that they went BJ only here, otherwise it would have been more repetitive.

Scene 5: Carmen Hart and Chris Cannon

Back to Randy and Roxy as we find him watching her sleep. He tries to take her picture but she rolls over and he starts thinking of Carmen. She catches the eye of the waiter, Chris Cannon, when she rubs him outside his pants and when she goes off the the restroom he follows her. Once inside she pushes him against the wall as they kiss and undress. It looks like she is going to suck him off but she changes things up and makes him eat her first. This goes on for a while and includes some anal fingering and then leads to a nice BJ from Carmen. The scene then finishes with a pop shot on Carmen’s chest. First off it is unusual for an oral only scene to have both the man and woman receive so that is a nice twist but at the end of the day this scene isn’t really needed but still a fun watch for oral aficionados.

Scene 6: Carmen Hart and Randy Spears

Carmen comes out of the restroom and bumps into Randy and they have a short conversation before she goes back to Eric. He does give her his number in a sly way though. It ends up getting messed up though and the two of them leave. The two couples are then shown driving and an accident occurs and Eric and Roxy both end up injured. The two star crossed lovers then meet in the hospital. They kiss and we are transported to the dream sequence from earlier where they were dancing. Once they are done kissing and dancing some more they get down to business as Randy start licking and fingering her. Carmen gets down on all fours next for a sensual BJ. They get up on the couch next for cowgirl. Missionary is the next position before Randy pulls and sprays her chest. Again the chemistry here is solid and the sex is sensual and hot, as would be expected with a romantic couple.


The DVD has the standard Wicked, for the time anyway, extras including a bonus scene with Carmen and a nice BTS feature.

Final Thoughts and Rating:

I remember being very excited for this movie when it came out. On top of featuring Carmen Hart, who is one of my all time favorite performers, I liked the idea behind a “silent” porn movie. The story is quite basic but hey, when you have little to no dialogue the story is told through actions and looks. It was just a really cool idea that most people didn’t seem to like or get but I applaud David Stanley and Wicked Pictures for having the guts to try it. Obviously this movie isn’t for everyone but I would suggest at least checking it out and I give 1000 Words a 4.5 out of 5.