Cafe FleshCafe Flesh is one of those movies that any true fan of porn has to watch at some point in their life. The movie takes place in a post-apocalyptic future, for the time obviously. In this world 99% of the world is what is referred to as “sex negative.” These people are unable to have any kind of intimate contact with their fellow human beings, if they do they become violently ill. So places like Cafe Flesh exist for sex negatives to watch sex positives, those that can have sex, in order to live vicariously through them. Now due to the way this movie was made I will be unable to do my typical kind of review, so lets get started.


As I said above, the story revolves around these sex negatives watching those who can have sex having sex. More specifically though the story focuses on a couple, Nick and Lane (Paul McGibbonney and Pia Snow) who are struggling because they are both sex negative and thus unable to be intimate. What Nick doesn’t know though is that Lane is actually sex positive and has been hiding it because sex positives are actually forced into a life of performing. Things change however when Angel (Marie Sharp) comes to Cafe Flesh. Seeing Angel perform makes Lane question her decisions and sends her on her own journey of discovery that ends in a bit of a surprise for those she knows.


Seeing that this movie is over 30 years old, you have to expect that the sex scenes won’t be like the ones made in the modern era. The scenes are all pretty short, under 10 minutes. All the female performers also have full bushes, which should be expected.

Final Thoughts and Rating:

As I said at the beginning, this is a movie every true porn fan should watch at least once. The acting is cheesy at times and the sex isn’t what most people are looking for but I still say it needs to be seen. The only difficult thing may be getting a hold of a physical copy but it is available for streaming on multiple sites. I give Cafe Flesh a 4.5 out of 5.